Clever Blog Post Ideas that Double your Traffic in a Month

Clever Blog Post Ideas that Double your Traffic in a Month

Disclaimer: This blog post is only and exclusively for professional bloggers who wish to turn their blog into an asset, if you blog only as a hobby or emotional outlet, this might not be the place for you. It is not a number or list post like many others available on the internet which just toss 80 or 100 or even over 300 random ideas which totally do not work. Let’s be honest unless your last name is Jenner or Kardashian not many will be interested in your skincare routine or the latest shopping spree. Nor anyone wants to listen to your rant about your child’s potty training. If you are serious about blogging and wish to monetize it, you need to get professional and care about how you can drive people to your blog.

Today, I am sharing with you a piece of information that will give a crazy boost to your blog traffic and ultimately help your blog rank on search engines. Yes, a very important factor for both is creating the right kind of content. The information I will be giving you today works very well and I know it because it has worked wonders for me too. It played a key part in getting my Adsense Account Approved just a month.

The Golden Rules to help you

Clever Blog Post Ideas

Before I go about the blog post ideas that will for sure work to double your blog traffic in a month, let me first set the ground rules. Only if you will comply with the following 6 rules these blog post ideas will work like magic for you. I shall warn you if you pick an awesome blog idea but fail to comply with the rules your post will still fail to perform, as they say, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Similarly, if you follow the rules but chose a blog post idea that is anything less than great, all your hard work will go wasted and your post will not perform. Don’t worry it’s not rocket science and not a lot of work either. It is just some basic SEO rules and planning ahead of time strategy that will help perform these ideas better. Let’s get to the rules now.

Rule Number 1: You must have some basic level understanding of SEO, like what keywords are, how to find good keywords, and how to use them. If you do not know the answers to these you should probably first read SEO for Dummies – A Beginners Guide for Future Professionals.

 Rule Number 2: For best results, you must be posting fresh content twice or thrice a week at a minimum. This means 10 to 12 blog posts a month and at least 120 to 150 blog posts for a year. This looks like a lot but it is really not if you work on the right strategy which I am going to share here with you. If you read this blog post till the very end you will easily be able to plan a year’s worth of blog posts just in an hour. Hurrah!

Rule Number 3: Plan your blog posts for a year in advance or at least a couple of months. Get yourself a planner or a regular journal or a spreadsheet on your computer. Pen down the blog post ideas for months, to come so you do not have to worry about getting the right ideas in the last moments. Add the focus keyword next to it so you do not forget when you sit to write the blog post itself.

Rule Number 4: Write your blog posts a month in advance, put them on your blog, ready to go live but schedule it for next month. This way you can be very regular in posting and life will not get in the way. Also, you will be able to focus on promoting your blog posts rather than spending time writing down the next post that needs to go live.

Rule Number 5: Your blog posts MUST NOT BE short and sweet. Add length to them, share more information on the topic, be detailed and this will add value to your post. In my experience post with a word count of 1500 to 2000 words work best. While search engines will love a 10,000-word count, your users will most likely get bored or scared of the length and leave. Keep your keyword density from 1 to 3% and avoid keyword stuffing.

Rule Number 6: Have a promotion strategy for your blog posts in place. I will recommend you create 3 to 4 pins for each post and promote each blog post published in the last 7 days daily on Facebook and Twitter. You can use Instagram, Reddit, or other platforms that work for your niche better but do not attempt to juggle all the social media platforms at one time single-handedly. I engage on Twitter daily and every Tuesday and Friday I schedule my posts for the Facebook page. I engage on Pinterest on Wednesdays and Saturdays. On Mondays, I try to focus on Quora but that is not a priority for me. You can figure out a strategy for yourself but make sure you follow through with it and promote your blog posts aggressively. For more detailed information on how to promote your blog posts, you can check out my In and Out of Digital Marketing – Beginner’s Guide.

That’s it! If you follow the above-given rules the below-mentioned blog post ideas will give your blog traffic a crazy boost that will leave you pleasantly surprised and proud of yourself. So now lets’s dig in!

What kind of blog post ideas work?

Clever Blog Post Ideas

While different blog post ideas are suitable for different blog niches there are for sure two research-based categories that work for everyone, namely trending keywords and topics and evergreen keywords and topics. I will recommend that you use a good mix of both, but really how? How to make good keywords into topics that will perform well? The answer is different for both kinds of categories so let’s look into each category separately.

Trending topics

These are the topics that will be all the hype during a month (or a certain period of time) and after that month they will lose their charm. You can cash that topic in the times when it is popular and it will flood your website with traffic. If done correctly these keywords will bring tons of traffic to your website during the hype time and the fading away should not be a problem as you will be constantly posting fresh content to keep the flow steady. For example, when the Last season of Games of Thorn was about to start, anything related to the show was very popular and performing well. After the season ended it gradually faded away from the internet. Those who created content related to this topic during the right hour received huge traffic. But you need to create and publish such content at the right time. I will suggest you publish the post on an upcoming trending topic in advance at least a month or so. This will buy you time to get ranked for the right keyword, so you are visible to people on the search engine results when they actually start looking for the popular topic.

Similarly, if you are posting a list of Valentine Day gifts (learn some affiliate marketing to make money from it) it will be of no use to publish such a post I the second week of February. Most people will already be searching for that very topic by that time and your freshly published post would be nowhere on search engine results. I will recommend you post it shortly after the New Year starts because this is a very competitive area and you need time to promote your post.

I have listed some blog post ideas based on the topics that usually trend in a particular month; you can check them out and pick what is suitable for your niche.

Evergreen Topics

These are the topics that are relevant the most time and while they are not particularly the rage, they bring you a steady current of traffic and their popularity is irrelevant of time. These topics are here to stay and all your hard work that will go into creating a blog post will not be a waste even after a couple of years. For example, this very comprehensive list of 35 blog post topics that are guaranteed to be popular, shares that bacons are among the most loved and popular foods and bacon recipes are here to stay. They further share that among the very popular blogs, Huffington Post has an entire archive dedicated to bacon-related articles. Thus it will be wise to share different bacon recipes and you can bet that people will keep coming back to your site for the love of bacons.

I would like to share the detailed research findings of According to their research, there is a total of 10 categories of evergreen blog post topics that will perform great.

  1. How-to Posts
  2. The Lists Posts
  3. The Explanatory Posts
  4. The Warning Posts
  5. The Celebrity Revealed Posts
  6. The breaking News Posts
  7. The Expended List Posts
  8. The Controversial Posts
  9. The FAQ’s Posts
  10. The Ultimate Guides

Now keep in mind all of these categories work because they are helping the audience with valuable content that answers to their questions. Let’s get into detail and see what we have got here.

  1. How to Posts

This is number one best performing category of post as it is evidently offering a solution or answer to the query of your audience. Just write a detailed (long enough) how to post related to your niche, like This How to blog post I wrote and this brings tons of traffic to my site. It’s better to create a step by step guide.

  1. The Lists Post

People love lists! It just means that you are offering the not one but multiple answers to their query. For example if someone is searching for feminist blogs and my list of Top 24 feminist blogs pops up they are obviously going to click on it. Also stats show that list posts are most shared posts on social media.

  1.  The Explanatory posts

Albert Einstein once said ‘If you can’t explain it simply, you do not understand it well enough’. When you pick a niche you need to understand it inside out. Break down something complex into something simple and people will not only love your post but they will also accept you as an expert on the topic. My blog post SEO for Dummies – A Beginners Guide for Future Professionals simplifies the Giant of SEO into smaller concepts explained in detail and is indeed working very well for me.

  1. The Warning Posts

Now we all know why these ones perform well, yup because you can’t just ignore a warning! Now it will be even better if you don’t just warn but also offer a solution to this problem or maybe an alternative option. To understand what I mean by this look into my post Beware: Your Digital Wellbeing is being sold.

  1. The Celebrity Revealed Post

Lie all you want but we all enjoy a little gossip here and there especially if someone has got dirt on a star! Oh my my! That’s a bit hard not to fall for. However, be careful you are not spreading out lies or offending someone. Two of my such posts are Robert Pattinson could be your Next Batman! Yay or Nay? And A Trans Actor to be cast in ‘Spider-Man- Far From Home’.  However, the one that outperformed there two is Tom Holland got Flushed away at Twitter.

  1. The Breaking News Post

There is a reason these are called breaking news! This is what your trending topic might over lap with. These are latest hot updates on current scenarios, depending upon it could be a high alert weather forecast, a missing person found news or an update on a celebrity dispute. You can keep a head of others on catching and posting this stuff by activating Google alerts with your relevant keywords.

  1. The Expanded List

This is a mix of explanatory posts and lists. You not only offer a list of solutions to the problem but you also go an extra mile by providing a detailed guide on each one of them. You can see my detailed travel destinations guide for India in which I have not only listed the destinations but have also provided helpful information about them like what time of year is best for visiting and what type of transportation is available. Another great example of this is the How to Give A Crazy Boost to Your Blog? 6 Easy Hacks, visit and see for yourself.

  1. The Controversial Posts

This should be no surprise as people are always allured by controversy and will always be willing to debate. However more often than not these are sensitive topics and I will suggest you should not take sides and rather just report the controversy and leave the judgment for your readers. I like to steer clear of such topics but good examples may include a celebrity’s stance about breastfeeding or immigrants and a politician’s opinion on abortion and rape. Some slightly controversial posts I published are Forbes Listed 10 Highest Paid Youtube Stars and Not One Is Female! Here is Why?, Facebook is Undergoing Major Changes| a Face-Lift or Face-Saving, Stephen King on Alabama Women – Sarcasm Win! and Father of The Convicted Murderer Wrote a Book Claiming His Innocence.

  1. The FAQ Posts

These are the posts in which you answer one of the frequently asked questions in your niche. The best thing about such posts is that while they are not necessarily very long or detailed, they are rich in LSI’s and long-tail keywords and are thus is easier to rank for. For example, many fellow bloggers on Twitter asked me to help them with getting the Google Adsense approved and I recently wrote down the answer to this question for once and for all, now whenever anyone asks me the question I simply share the link. This is obviously what every new blogger wants to know so this comparatively fresh post has already has received a lot of shares and brought a huge amount of traffic to my website. Another example is How to Grow Your Twitter Account and Gain Real Followers?

  1. The Ultimate Guide

This is no brainer really; everyone wants a one-stop-shop. If you can provide all the information on one topic, you can make the visitors stay on your blog post for a longer time, and the longer they stay, the better ranking your post will get from Google. Such posts also get tons of share on social media too. My ultimate guide to Digital Marketing post: In and Out of Digital Marketing – Beginner’s Guide is one example.

I really hope you found this post helpful, if you did please let me know in the comment section and share it with your blogger friends. I will also like to know if you have any other questions on this topic or any other related topics that I can help with.

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