What are you missing in your online marketing strategy?

What are you missing in your online marketing strategy?

Online marketing is different from traditional marketing which was a linear approach, where the audience consumed the content, and communication was one way. Digital platforms now allow two-way communication between businesses and customers, which is now referred to as “engagement”. User engagement is an important factor in continuously improving products, marketing strategies, and customer services.  Thus businesses are now creating visually appealing websites, exciting presence on social media, and relatable content for advertisements.

Most businesses are leveraging Online marketing in one form or another, but the best approach is to spread your resources across all channels and maximize your potential. This also creates a safety net, so if one stream of marketing falls down for some reason your marketing structure still stands tall. 

For example, SEO is a long-term game, it takes time and patience to generate results, yet a single algorithm update can make you lose your rankings. Google is the largest search engine around the globe and it releases major algorithm updates up to four times a year while minor updates keep rolling out every few weeks.

Advertisements on Search Engines and social platforms can keep you afloat as long as you keep pumping in the money. The minute you stop funding the ads your sales start to decline drastically. While using advertisement it is important to generate leads and create an email list of your clients and potential clients so you can retarget them through email marketing.

SEM also known as Search engine marketing targets keywords (mainly through a paid promotion) to rank on the Search Engine Result Page. Search engines let you appear above the top organically ranking search results if you run paid advertising campaigns. To get the best ROI it requires skills and knowledge to strategize and run these promotional campaigns. Narrowing down your targeting generates a better conversion rate but a very higher Cost Per Click gets. You can also miss many potential clients who could have been retargeted and converted later. An expert advertiser will know strategies to balance the cost per click and conversion rate.

Social media and networking platforms also allow businesses to hold accounts, and market to their users. Businesses can create profiles, and pages and grow organically or advertise on social media to reach out to potential customers, this is called Social Media Marketing or SMM. Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn profile their users and categorize them according to their demographics and interests, allowing social media marketers to target the audience for sponsored ads that appear in the feeds and messengers of the users.

One of the strategies all these types of digital marketing use is utilizing content in the form of blogs, social media posts, graphics, and videos. The content is so important that it is now classified as a separate category named Content Marketing. Be it websites, SERPs, social media, or video hosting platforms such as Youtube, businesses are generating engaging content to attract potential clients and retain them.

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