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online marketing strategy

What are you missing in your online marketing strategy?

Online marketing is different from traditional marketing which was a linear approach, where the audience consumed the content, and communication was one way. Digital platforms now allow two-way communication between businesses and customers, which is now referred to as “engagement”. User engagement is an important factor in continuously improving products, marketing strategies, and customer services.  …

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basic blogging tips

How to Blog Like a Pro? 8 Basic Blogging Tips for Beginners

Are you a new or aspiring blogger and wish to have a blog that people will like? Do you wish to make your blog popular? Would you like to have more visitors on your blog? Are you interested in making money from your blog? Do you feel your blog is not getting the attention or traffic it deserves? Are you wondering what you are doing wrong as a blogger? Do you want to get better at blogging? Would you like to blog like a pro?