How I Got My Google AdSense Approved in one Month!

How I Got My Google AdSense Approved in one Month!

Disclaimer: I am not claiming that I got my Google AdSense to account approved after the first month of setting up my website, it just means that it took me a month of focused work to get approved and I bet you can do it in even less time! In this post, I will be extremely transparent and will be sharing the journey of my Google Adsense with screenshots as prove.

I am not sure if it is the right thing to do but in the spirit of being completely honest I am sharing statistics of my website with you, which are not as pretty as the people who usually tell you how to get Adsense approved but I just want to show you guys it’s really not that hard and totally achievable.

Google AdSense Approved in one Month!

I will like to take this opportunity to show off that as you can see the traffic has been growing very steadily, in fact, I have been able to double my traffic every month. In February, there were 284 views, in March 465 views, in April views grew to 900 and in March there were 1,758 views. It’s the end of the second week of June ad I have already received over a thousand views! If you want to learn how I am doing it, I will recommend you check out my How to Blog? Guide for Beginners and 6 hacks to give a crazy boost to your blog.

As you can see I set up my blog in February. Initially, I published 20 posts at the time of launch and had around 280 views only in the first month. By the end of February, fueled up with the excitement of the new blog I had published around 30 more blog posts. Yes, I did that while having a full-time job and taking care of my baby – your new superwomen here. Over-joyed with my input, with a total of 50 blog posts, at the beginning of March I first applied for my Google Adsense account and it got rejected L Good news is you can apply again for the Adsense account, and on my second attempt in May I got accepted! Below I have shared the screenshots of emails as proof.

Google AdSense Approved in one Month!
6th of March 2019
Google AdSense Approved in one Month!
5th of May 2019

So what really happened in the time in between acceptance and rejection? Basically, I lost my full-time job on 3rd April and finally had time to refocus and research how to improve my blog so I can convert it into an asset. So yeah I had to thank my boss for ‘letting me go’, as it was possible because of that opportunity, that I got my c approved! In a month’s time, I figured out why despite posting a lot of original quality content Google was not approving my AdSense account.

Busting Popular Myths – What you do not need for Adsense Approval

Google AdSense Approved in one Month!

People will tell you that you need to do this and that and a lot of work to get Google Adsense approved, which by the way, is not true. Getting Adsense approved is pretty simple and I will tell you exactly what you need to do but first let’s get the things that you do not need to do out of the way.

 If you look at the mail in which my account approval was rejected you will see a hyperlink in which they have shared their Program Policies. This is the link they sent me. At that time I didn’t read it but came back to it later. If you read this page you will come to know that Google Adsense has not placed any difficult terms for approval, in fact, there are many popular myths propagated by so-called experts that I will be busting here.

Myth number 1: Age of website

It is the popular opinion, which I too started to believe when I received my rejection that your website needs to be at least 6 months old. That’s not true; I set up my website in February and got my approval in the first week of May, so my site was a little over three months old. Additionally, the policies do not state any age limit.

Myth number 2: You need to have X number of blog posts

 Different people will give you a different number of blog posts you need to have before you apply in order to get approved. It’s totally not true, I have seen websites that have advertisement via Google and have only 5 to 6 posts/pages. On the other hand, I had 50 posts on my blog when I got rejected. Their policy makes no mention of the quantity of content; instead, it just says that there should be no copyright issues and shady practices are strictly prohibited.

Myth Number 3: You need a good amount of Traffic

This simply is no brainer as you can see in April I had only 900 views on my entire site. So sitting back and waiting for your traffic to grow into thousands of visitors and viewers is a waste of time and money!

Now that we are clear on the subject that we do not need to sit around and wait for our website to age, or views to grow or create a crazy amount of quality content, let’s get to what I did in a month period which you can probably do in a couple of hours to get your Adsense approved.

Myth Number 4: You need SSL Certificate

While it is better to have an HTTPS website, for many reasons like better ranking and fewer users leaving your website due to security alert, this is not a requirement for approval of a Google Adsense account. As you can see in the image of the email that confirmed my approval, the link is HTTP and not HTTPS.

How to get Google Adsense account approved?

You just need to do following two things.

1. Original Content

Whatever amount of content is on your website (minimum 5 to six pages with each page at least 700 words) should be original and not copy-pasted or plagiarized. There should not be any copyrighted material on your site either. This was already checked on my list and I just needed to do the second thing

2. Create the ‘About Us’ section, Contact Us page, and Privacy Policy.

These are pretty simple things but sometimes people tend to skip one of these three pages. In my case, I did not have any privacy policy page on my website which I simply generated from SERPRank using this link as guided by Ankit Singla here. I guess a thank you is due to Ankit also! Another tip I will like to add here is while creating your ‘contact us’ page share the same email address in your information which you will be using to apply for Google Adsense. This way the Google can verify that the actual owner of the website is applying for the account.

 If you check out my about section, it is in the footer of the website and there are practically three sentences, two of which just affiliate link disclaimers. As for my Contact Us page, it is also very brief and simple and you now know that my privacy policy is simply generated by an automated generator. Simple isn’t it?

Yes, it’s just that simple and you will get be able to host ads by Google on your website ad get paid for them! Now go and do whatever your website is lacking and apply for Google Adsense!

Please let me know if you have any more questions in the comment section and I will try to answer them as soon as possible!

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