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hypersexualization of young girls

Effects of Hypersexualization of Young Girls in The Media?

The American Psychological Association shared a report about hypersexualization of young girls in the media and found that girls are more depicted in a sexual manner more often than boys. This behavior results in repeated objectification of girls and women and their bodies hypersexualized. Moreover, the media results in harmful stereotypes that often trigger violence …

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Hypersexual Disorder in Female Symptoms and Treatment

Hypersexual Disorder in Female|Symptoms, and Treatment

Historically, women were perceived as sexually passive beings and in a socio-cultural context, excessive sexual behavior by women is supposed to be unacceptable, inappropriate, and pathological. Women who expressed the desire for sexual intimacy were labeled as nymphomanics. At this point, the researchers face the issue of subjectivity and difficulty in determining the normal from …

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Bra types and sizing

Bra types and sizing – everything there is to know

To understand different types, size and functioning of bra you must know the parts of bra (may or may not have). This will help you choose the right bra for you. A bra (may or may not) have following parts:
-> Cups to hold your breasts
-> Straps to pull up your breasts
-> Waist band to provide support from under
->Wings to support cups
->Clamps (at front or back) to do and undo your bra
->Underwire for firmer support
->from under
->Padding for better shape