December 2020

Glutathione Whitening Drips

Glutathione Whitening Drips Benefits, Side Effects, Results

Glutathione is a molecule made of proteins and amino acids that act as a powerful antioxidant removing toxins from our body. It has sulfur attached to its structure, which attracts and binds the toxins in the body and helps get rid of them. It is naturally produced in our body by the liver and neurons and has several health benefits. Its natural production in our body helps us keep healthy and its production levels decrease as we age. Other factors contributing to its production level are poor diet, pollutants, toxins, and stress. The decrease in its production level can compromise our health.

3 Types of Body Modifications that cause Death – The Risks

Although there are no exact statistics to claim, different types of body modifications for cosmetic or aesthetic purposes are commonly practiced across the globe. People have reported an instant boost in self-esteem and body confidence after different types of body modifications. This includes tattoos and piercing, implants, derma filler injections, liposuction, injections like botox and …

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Save Money When Planning a Wedding

7 Tricks to Save Money When Planning a Wedding

Everything beautiful is also everything very expensive and out of your pocket range. It’s hard to know how to manage the budget. Some very helpful tips for saving major money on your wedding.
1. Book early
2. Be your own stylist
3. Request assistance
4. Borrow
5. Get involved with the guest list