24 Awesome Feminist Blogs You Need to Follow Now!

24 Awesome Feminist Blogs You Need to Follow Now!

Feminism is not a trend that comes and goes out of fashion. It’s an ideology, you are either in with us or you are not. I yet have to understand how the brain of men/women works who do not understand how consent work or what it means by equal writes. I am also aware there are people who walk on this planet and believe that people who work from home or stay at home mom/dad is any less of a person or contributor towards society. All this toxicity wants me to run to read some feminist blogs!

And Hey I just made a baby I do need some time off to bond with my baby and for the same reason, we are also advocating for paternity leaves to be extended. I am also fumbled by people who say you can’t be a feminist and equal rights advocate and ask for maternity leaves at the time! A list of such issues seems to be never-ending but if you like a good read around such issues or want to educate yourself on feminism and why it is such a big deal I am listing a handful of feminist blogs you should be following how and why it matters?

Awesome Feminist Blogs
Feminist Blogs

1. Femsplain

About Blog: A blog that uses storytelling as a medium and works to amplify voices of trans/cis women, and gender-nonconforming individuals. They celebrate diversity in identity and opinion with respect.

2. The Body Is Not an Apology

About Blog: This feminist blog is aimed at building a strong foundation of deep unapologetic radical self-love. They dream to generate healing from shame, valuing our body, and taking the pride in the body.

3. Ms. Magazine

About Blog: Ms. was the first national magazine to make feminist voices audible, feminist journalism tenable, and a feminist worldview available to the public. And the magazine’s time-honored traditions-an emphasis on in-depth investigative reporting and feminist political analysis, the Ms. Women of the Year Awards

4. Feminism in India – FII

About Blog: Feminism in India is a digital intersectional feminist platform that amplifies the voices of women and marginalized communities using tools of art, media, culture, technology, and community. It aims to decipher the negativity around the word feminism in India and around the globe.


About Blog: It is a women-run blog that keeps humanity and being human first. They take pride in celebrating the mess of being human and love to share pictures of their pets. Most blogs are decorated with light-hearted humor and beneficial information.

6. The F-Word | Contemporary UK Feminism

Awesome Feminist Blogs
Feminist Blogs

About Blog: They take pride in being an asset of intervened but necessarily feminist voices and not a faceless cooperate machine. Their blogs are not worded in ‘we’ but ‘I’ language to give the author full credit for her contribution and opinions.

7. Everyday Feminism

About Blog: It is an educational platform to play part in personal and social liberation by fighting against violence, discrimination, hatred, marginalization, and stigmatization. They aim to play their role in creating loving communities through self-determination and compassionate activism.

8. Bitch

About Blog: They aim to deliver a feminist response to mainstream media and also have affiliated podcast programs and they are supporting multiple programs to encourage writing and reading.

9. The Guilty Feminist

About Blog: The blog is run by comedian Deborah Frances. She invites guests over to discuss topics “all 21st-century feminists agree on” while confessing their insecurities, hypocrisies, and fears that underlie their lofty principles.

10. Brown Girl Magazine

About Blog: The mission of Brown Girl Magazine is to empower millennial women through features, interviews, stories, and discussion, we aim to create a community that helps young women see their strengths, develop self-confidence, and become well-rounded, independent leaders.

11. The Ladies Finger

About Blog: A predominantly Indian platform that functions as an online women’s magazine and delivers a fresh witty perspective on current affairs from everything in media to what media is hiding behind curtains or choosing to ignore. Mostly about absurd and bizarre things going around.


About Blog: They are a feminist media brand for women, who tell the stories of today’s’ women paving a path or women that will come tomorrow in the future. They showcase the achievement of women in the field of scientific development and celebrate womanhood.

Awesome Feminist Blogs
Feminist Blogs

13. She Writes

About Blog: It is an online community for women writers that highlights their works and achievement and offers support on every step towards becoming a published author. They also have an affiliated publication company She writes press that functions on a hybrid publishing model.


About Blog: An online fashion magazine that celebrates diversity. It showcases news and updates from showbiz and the fashion industry with a perspective that is sensitive towards diversity and generating acceptance towards diversity.

15. Teen Feminist

About Blog: This has essentially replaced the once famous rookie mag after the later stopped publishing. A teen feminist is working for political, social, and economic equality between the genders by educating teenagers about the relevant issues.

16. Feminist Current

About Blog: This blogs tries to deliver a feminist perspective to everything trending from pop-culture to fresh news updates, showbiz to politics and global issues. From around the globe they try to highlight issue regarding women which main-stream media ignores so conveniently.

17. Feministing

Awesome Feminist Blogs
Feminist Blogs

About Blog: An online community of young feminist hat works to support each other and highlight work of feminist by offering an open platform for anyone to voice their opinions on the feminism related issues.

18. Bustle

About Blog: It is an online magazine targeted towards millennial women and talks about everything from pop-culture to parenthood. It takes pride in providing a platform to a diverse set of voices from coast to coast.

19. The MarySue

About Blog: This is more about comic books, geek culture, video games, genre television, and space exploration with a dominant theme of celebrating diversity and women representation. They take a bold stance on subjects that are unique.

20. Hello giggles

About Blog: This is an adorable online blog aimed at celebrating womanhood and everything feminine, from beauty products to motherhood, movies, politics, and trending deals.


About Blog: furiously fighting to voice the perspective of Muslim women around the globe who for the most part are not as oppressed by their men as many would like to believe but at the same time face issues like another girl on the planet.

22. Feminist Frequency

About Blog: A non-profit educational organization that reviews modern media in relation to social issues like gender. Acknowledging the great impact of mainstream media on shaping the societal behavior and group psychology of society at large, it keeps in check the reinforcement of stereotypes and similar issues.

23. Imagining Ourselves 

About Blog: An aspiring online project providing a platform to hundreds of women around the globe to tell their stories. Providing a rich collection of resources and relatable content.

24. Thoughts of an Angry Hijabi

About Blog: A Muslim girl who has had her share of life and blogs about social justice issues from an intersectional feminist perspective. She mostly writes about topics concerning her life, including but not limited to domestic violence, women of color, micro aggression, and statutory rape.

I have attempted to make this list as inclusive and diverse as possible however if I have missed anything which you will like to add, feel free to let me know.

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