7 Ways What to do With Used Tea Bags

7 Ways What to do With Used Tea Bags

Tea bags are frequently found among household and office waste. If only people knew what to do With Used Tea Bags, they would never be throwing them into waste. You will be amazed by how much power a used tea bag still has. It has deodorizing, antibacterial, deoxidizing, and anti-inflammatory powers. You will never throw away your used tea bags after reading the following beneficial hacks for used tea bags.

Here are 7 ways of what to do With Used Tea Bags

1. Scrub

how to use tea bags on eyes

When in the kitchen, you are handling strongly scented food items like fish, onion, garlic, etc., and they leave a lingering smell on your hands. You can benefit from scrubbing used tea bags on your hands to eliminate this annoying odor. It will take the odor away due to its deodorizing properties.

2. Fertilizers

can you put used tea bags in your garden

In your garden, you can use your used teabags as an antifungal treatment for your plants. Water your plants with weak tea made from pre-used tea bags. Another way to use teabags is by cutting and opening them and sprinkling damp leaves around the base of plants. It will act as a fertilizer and pest repellent for pests like garden mice.

3. Feet odor

can you use a tea bag twice

If your feet get a stinky odor after wearing socks or shoes all day long, then you can combat that problem by using tea bags. Throw some tea bags in warm water and then dip your feet in water for 10 to 15 minutes .this should help with your feet’ odor. Leave a couple of used tea bags to eliminate the smell in them.

4. Pedicure

uses for used tea bags

In your normal pedicure routine, throw additional teabags in water before dipping your feet. Due to its deoxidizing property, it gives your feet a cleaner and fresher look. This will help with any foot odor issues you have. You will feel much more relaxed with this tip.

5. Anti-inflammation

uses for used tea bags

One of the useful components of tea is tannins. Tannins in the tea bags help in reducing swelling and bruises. Apply the tea bag on the swelled area or muscle that is sour. Keep cooled teabags in your freezer handy for any emergencies. Frozen tea bags will give better relief.

6. Glass cleaner

foam glass cleane

Another important use is you can use it to clean your mirrors and glass wears. In it, some chemicals are present through which you can easily remove the stains of grease or oils, leaving your glassware shiny and glistening. Organic cleaner is also friendlier to the environment than regular chemical cleaners.

7. Hair conditioner

how to use green tea bags for hair

Hair products are costly, and one of the regular expenses but hair care is important. Luckily there is a cheaper option. Use brewed weak tea after hair wash as a conditioner. Oxidizing components of used teabags can help you condition your hair. It softens your hair and gives them volume. It is the cheapest hair conditioner you can get your hands on and is also very convenient.

Use these tips for recycling your tea bags, and let us know how effective and convenient you found each of them.

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