Magical Hair Mask – Easy Home Remedy for Dry Hair

Hairs are one of the greatest beauty assets and add up to overall look. Lustrous, long and thick hairs are the dream of every girl! Hairdos and styling are also very important when trying to achieve a certain look, especially bridal look. Styling becomes very difficult when you have damaged and dry hair with the split ends.

I have a naturally oily scalp with dandruff that comes and goes. While my scalp is oily my hairs are curly and fall more on the dry and rough side. This is a very bad combination for hair care and managing my hair from day to day had always been a struggle and hence I mostly kept my hair short. For my wedding I let my hair grow and started an easy and not very strict diet plan to lose my weight. While I did lose 15kg in 4 months from that awesome and healthy diet plan (check the weight loss program here), staying on the same diet plan for so long took a toll on my hair and I suffered some serious hair damage. (Tip: Use multivitamins and calcium supplements if you are on a diet plan for weight loss.) They become really dry and I started noticing split ends. I got my hair trimmed to get rid of split ends but they were so brittle and dry that split ends came back again very soon. What to do now? Obviously like any bride-to-be, I panicked.

The Research

Frankly, hair care products are very expensive and I really don’t like to take risks with my hair. Especially this close to my wedding I was not ready to take any risk for chemical damage so naturally organic or herbal hair care was my first choice, but there were too many options and I was not sure which way to go. That’s why I started to conduct my own research for what natural ingredients were good for hair. Here are my findings:

  • Honey is great for bringing shine and life back to your dry hair and leaves a sweet smell in your hair.
  • Eggs, yogurt, and milk are a great source to moisturize your hair with added benefits of a protein treatment.
  • Eggs and Yogurt will leave a nasty smell to your hair which may or may not last for days.
  • Oil (any hair oil) is great for revitalizing your dead looking dry hair.
  • Tomato juice, apple vinegar, and lemon juice are all good for combating dandruff.
  • Tomato Juice comes with added benefits of Vitamin A, B, C, and E and thus will leave your damaged hair healthier and softer.

How to Make the DIY Hair Mask for Dry Hair?

With above-given knowledge, I designed my own hair mask for dry hair which I swear by till this day and still use. It is easy and inexpensive to make and leaves your hair soft, shiny and silky. The results are instant and you can feel the difference just after the first application. I experimented and applied the very same mask on my face and it helped diminish my acne (yes dandruff and acne seems to go hand in hand) and left my skin baby soft and glowing. So yeah this mask can be used as dual purpose as honey is really good for treating acne (read more ways to treat your acne here). In fact, you can add ground sugar to it to use as a facial scrub too!

Step 1: Take one table spoon of milk in a small cup

Step 2: Add one tablespoon of any hair oil of your choice (I used mustard oil) and mix well.

Step 3: Add one table spoon of honey and beat it well

Step 4: Now one table spoon of tomato juice in the mixture and stir well

Vola! The mask is ready! As simple as that.

Take equal amount of all the ingredients and prepare the mask according to the length of your hair.

Hot to use the hair mask?

Apply this hair mask on your scalp and length of your hair, from root to tips. You will need to apply it half an hour to 20 minutes before taking the shower and put on a shower cap. After 20 minutes rinse your hair well and wash with your regular shampoo. Apply the mask twice a week and you will see the difference right after the first wash. For best results use the mask for a minimum of two weeks. Bye bye dry hair and hello shiny beautiful hair.


Note: This mask contains liquids with different densities and proteins in milk will not go well acidic nature of tomato juice so things may become yucky after sitting for a couple of hours in cup. It is recommended that you make fresh mask for every use and do not let it sit for longer periods of time or freeze it for later use. Pssst, its super easy to make and use don’t be so lazy.

If you try this mask, do let me know about the results. I really hope it helps you as much as it helped me. Good Luck!

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