Bra types and sizing – everything there is to know

Bra types and sizing – everything there is to know

If you are anything like most teenage girls, bra fitting sounds too expensive, invasive, and embarrassing at the same time. Or you can be a fully adult woman, yet your size fluctuates due to a change in weight, pregnancy, or any other reason, and you are confused. Now it cannot be very pleasant to ask someone in person for help. You would rather google the working of complicated gadgets and be done with it. So here we are to help you with this situation. There is so much to know about the bra that an entire industry is dedicated to it. Fashion schools teach bra design as an entire subject. Books and blogs are written solely on the topic of bras. This article will provide you with the tip of the iceberg knowledge and links for further detailed study. Read along to know everything there is to know about the complicated witchcraft of bra.

No shame in this game

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First thing first, nothing is embarrassing about a bra. Like any other garment you wear throughout the day, it is simply a piece of fabric. A little more complicated but still a piece of fabric to help shape your body and provide support. The bra helps your shoulders lift your breast’s weight and prevent your breasts from sagging from their own weight as aging happens to you.

Bra Disassembled

Bra types and sizing

To understand the different types, sizes, and functioning of a bra, you must know the parts of a bra (may or may not have). This will help you choose the right bra for you. A bra (may or may not) have the following parts

  1. Cups to hold your breasts
  2.  Straps to pull up your breasts
  3.  Waistband to provide support from under
  4.  Wings to support cups
  5.  Clamps (at front or back) to do and undo your bra
  6.  Underwire for firmer support from under
  7.  Padding for better shape

How to know my right size?

Bra types and sizing

Many good bra stores offer professional help to help you find the right fit for you. It is highly recommended that you seek professional help to get fitted, but if you find that uncomfortable, it could be done at homeClick here to learn how to take measurements to know your own bra size at home. There are also many online bra size calculators for the job in the comfort of your own home. There is one useful tool, the “bra size calculator” at marks and spencer’s website; you should totally check it out.

Which bra type is my type?

Bra type

Knowing the right waistband size and cup size is not all there is to know. There are plenty of bra types for all your different needs. No one type of bra is your type. It rather is more like selecting a dress for the occasion or choosing a shoe type to go with your outfits. You pick according to the need of the hour. The most popular types are padded, push-up, underwire, strapless, backless, sports bra, nursing, bralette, etc. Click here to learn what bra type to choose for which occasion and need.

How to wash?

Never rough handle your bra. They are made up of delicate fabric and elastics. Always hand wash them or use a laundry bag if you need to wash them in a machine. Putting your bras in the dryer will shorten their life, so always hang them for drying.

When to discard?

Ideally, you should wear a bra for not more than a year. As a bra functions to provide support and shape to your breasts, within a year, they get enough wear and tear to lose the perfect balance of grip and elasticity. If they are not doing the job they were meant for, is there no point in still using them? Time to replace them for good.

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