December 1, 2020

Save Money When Planning a Wedding

7 Tricks to Save Money When Planning a Wedding

Everything beautiful is also everything very expensive and out of your pocket range. It’s hard to know how to manage the budget. Some very helpful tips for saving major money on your wedding.
1. Book early
2. Be your own stylist
3. Request assistance
4. Borrow
5. Get involved with the guest list

questions to ask him before you say “yes”

12 Questions to Ask Him Before You Say “yes”

Doesn’t matter if he just has suggested to move in together, or get a puppy to gather or has gotten on his knees and as you to marry him or it is a big deal! You really should have ask him a dozen questions before entering into any kind of serious relation.
1. Does he smokes or drinks? How much?
2. What are his standards for privacy between a couples?
3. What ground rules he would like to create in family dynamics after marriage?
4. …

Bra types and sizing

Bra types and sizing – everything there is to know

To understand different types, size and functioning of bra you must know the parts of bra (may or may not have). This will help you choose the right bra for you. A bra (may or may not) have following parts:
-> Cups to hold your breasts
-> Straps to pull up your breasts
-> Waist band to provide support from under
->Wings to support cups
->Clamps (at front or back) to do and undo your bra
->Underwire for firmer support
->from under
->Padding for better shape