12 Questions to Ask Him Before You Say “yes”

12 Questions to Ask Him Before You Say “yes”

No matter if you met online, through friends or family, if the question has been popped and you think you don’t know him enough already to respond, pause, know the right questions to ask him. Luckily we have figured this out too. Just make him answer the following questions and you shall be good to make a judgment and reach an informed decision.

1. Does He Smokes or Drinks? How Much?

Addiction of any kind can damage family structures. The previous history of addiction can often cause relapses. Know where he stands on this.

2. What Are His Standards for Privacy Between a Couple?

This will let you know if he a controlling type or a paranoid person. Look for red flags.

3. What Ground Rules He Would Like to Create in Family Dynamics After Marriage?

It is important if you are career-oriented. It will also let you know how supportive he will be towards your passions.

4. What Are His Thoughts on Planning a Family?

It is important for obvious reasons. You two should be on the same page regarding this one. If you want two kids and he wants six or vice versa, this might be the time to look for a compromise. Also when exactly he wants to start having kids and what preferred age gaps between the kids?

5. What Are His Thoughts on Financial Responsibility?

This one is no brainer really.

6. What Are His Plans if He Loses His Current Job?

Financial security is very important in order to have a happy family. You need to know if he is far-sighted and prepared for the odds.

7. How He Plans to Manage His Money?

This one goes with the previous one as long term financial planning is key to a healthy, successful, happy family.

8. What He Thoughts About The Way His Father Treated His Mother?

This will answer the possible treatment you would receive from him after the married life sets in.

9. What Are His Thoughts About a Man’s Role in the Household?

If his ideal does not match yours in this regard you might want to reconsider the proposal otherwise you are in for never-ending disappointments.

10. How He Defines Domestic Violence?

This is a very important question. His definition will define how secure you will be around him. Pay attention to his answer.

11. If He is in Contact With any of his ex’s or Female Friends? What is the Nature of the Relationship?

The answer to this question is loaded with his tendency to cheat in the future. Reading between the lines is encouraged her and standard rules for lie detection are to be applied.

12. Who Are His Best Friends and What do they do For a Living?

A man is known by the company he keeps. If the closest of his friends are jobless, stay-at-home gamers, good chances are he is inclined towards such things too. If he is friends with some settled or serious professional lads probably he will turn out fine too.

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