10 Best Free Blog Submission Sites 

10 Best Free Blog Submission Sites 

It’s pleasing to know that submitting a blog without spending a single penny is possible.  Yes, it’s true! You can publish your articles on blog submission sites without any upfront charges. Over the years, we have explored different blogging sites and accessed their performance and requirements. This article serves as a guide to help you choose the most suitable solution.

10 Free Blog Submission Sites To Expand Your Online Reach

We will share the top free blog submission sites that allow you to create, optimize, and host your blog.  These sites offer well-designed interfaces and provide all the tools and features required to start your blog today. Ready to step into your perfect blogging home without breaking the bank?

1. Wix

Wix Free Blog Submission Sites
Wix Blog Submission Site

Wix is an ideal choice for beginners looking to quickly launch a blog with minimal hassle, thanks to its user-oriented setup process. It’s great for those experimenting in the blogging world or aiming to expand their online presence in the future with additional features like e-commerce modules or business pages, which are affordable to add. However, it’s important to note that Wix’s hosting platform means they have some control over your website, potentially limiting your autonomy. If you prioritize complete control over your blog, exploring alternatives like WordPress might be worth considering.

2. WordPress

It is one of the most popular free blog submission sites on the web. It possesses the standard tools, features, and design options. WordPress is perfect for those curious about blogging and willing to dive into tasks like setting up web hosting and adjusting minor details. It’s the go-to choice for bloggers worldwide. Mastering WordPress is a valuable skill for enhancing your online capabilities and preparing for more ambitious projects in the future.

Wordpress Free Blog Submission Site
Free Blog Submission Site

3. Substack

Substack is one of the free, blog submission sites that 

  • Allows writers, bloggers, and journalists to tap into an existing community.
  • Draw some of them towards their content.
  • Finally, receive payment for their work.
Substack Blog Submission Site In India
Substack Blog Submission Site

It offers an adaptable publishing interface, and lately, it’s been enhancing its features to provide users with more tools to expand and connect with their audience. Substack is best for:

  • Creating a blog newsletter and turning readers into paying subscribers 
  • It provides bloggers with an easy-to-use publishing interface and access to a committed audience.
  • User-friendly
  • Advance Features

4. LinkedIn

This platform mainly attracts working professionals, especially Millennials (60% of users), who use it for networking and job searching. While it may not suit travel or lifestyle bloggers, if you’re focusing on career-related topics, LinkedIn could be a good fit for the blog submission sites option. In essence, if your main goal is to reach an existing audience, LinkedIn is a great option for your blogging journey.

LinkedIn Free Blog Submission Site
LinkedIn Blog Submission Site

Instant visibility for your content right from the start. LinkedIn provides a practical content creation panel, basic blogging tools, and, most importantly, access to its massive user base of 900 million.

5. Medium

A medium is an excellent option for individuals eager to start publishing content immediately without the hassle of technical setup. Access to Medium’s audience from the get-go is a significant advantage. However, if you prioritize full control over your blog’s design and branding, Medium may not be the best fit. Additionally, keep in mind that Medium has control over your content and can remove your publication for various reasons.

Medium Blog Submission Site
Free Blog Submission Sites

6. Weebly

It is a flexible website builder that excels at the free blog submission sites in India. Weebly offers additional features such as portfolio showcasing and product selling even on its free plan (though with transaction fees). Similar to Wix, it boasts a user-oriented drag-and-drop interface and comprehensive features.

Weebly Blog Submission Site
Free Blog Submission Sites

7. Ghost

Ghost generated significant excitement upon its initial release around 2013 or 2014. It stood out for its emphasis on a clean, minimalist toolset and interface tailored for writing and publishing content. This approach resonated with those who felt WordPress had become overly complex and no longer ideal for typical blogging purposes.

Ghost Blog Site
Ghost Blog Submission Site

8. Notion

While it may seem unexpected, Notion has experienced significant growth in recent years and has emerged as a versatile solution for various purposes. While it’s commonly recognized as an alternative to Apple Notes, Evernote, or a project management tool, Notion also offers a useful feature enabling users to share any Notion page publicly on the web.

Notion Blog Submission Site
Free Blog Submission Sites

9. Jekyll

Jekyll functions as a static site generator equipped with blogging capabilities. Its static nature means it delivers users static web pages rather than retrieving data from a database like other tools listed here. It results in enhanced speed and security. Essentially, Jekyll processes text written in your preferred markup language, such as Markdown, applies a selected template and produces a website.

Jekyll Free Blog Submission Site
Free Blog Submission Sites

10. Quora

Although recognized mainly as a question-and-answer platform, Quora also facilitates the creation and sharing of long-form content. Notably, Quora ranked no.10 among the free blog submission sites list and it permits users to establish blogs centered around particular topics or interests. Utilizing Quora for publishing purposes can broaden your audience reach, catering to individuals seeking informative content and responses to particular inquiries.

Quora Blog Submission Site
Quora Blog Submission Site

Final Thoughts

We are sure that now you are familiar with the top 10 free blog submission sites list, it’s time to explore them thoroughly and make the most of them to enhance your online visibility. By utilizing these platforms effectively, you can amplify the impact of your content and engage with a more dedicated readership.

We recommend selecting platforms that resonate with your niche and target audience. When executed correctly, this strategy can significantly boost your brand recognition, expand networking opportunities, and contribute to the achievement of your online goals.

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