10 Hacks to help you pack for your next vacation

If you are an average person you dream about going vacation more than you should, but actually go on a vacation way less than you would like. This leads to higher expectations and lesser experience. When you finally get a chance to go for a vacation, even if it is a weekend away from home and work or two week vacation you planned and saved for all year, you have to pack things to travel. Packing can be tricky, time consuming, and sometimes overwhelmingly confusing. Don’t worry we are here to help you just about it. With these packing trips you can step out prepared like a travel expert.

1. Invest in a small to medium structured carry-on bag

Your carry-on bag must not beno more than 22’’ in size. The larger bag you will chose, more things you will tempted to carry with you and harder it would be for you to handle it.

2. Make a list of things you would like to take with yourself

This is an efficient way to make sure you are not forgetting anything. It will also help to categories your luggage and analyze how much of what you will need to take.

3. Drop all or any “just in case I might need”.

Scan your list and eliminate any things which are not must haves. You can do without them even if there is a chance you might need in certain case. If situation may arise you can always go to a store and buy them then and there.

4. Also cancel out anything which you may be able to rent cheaply.

Many vocational destination has stores which offer things frequently used by travelers for rent. This includes camera, tripods, and much more. This will save you extra weight and hassle. 

5. Use roll on technique rather than folding for better space efficiency and lesser wrinkles.

Packing smartly is all about availing all the space you can. Putting maximum things in minimum space. For your clothes many frequent travelers swear by rolling technique rather than anything else.

6. Get a map of your destination

Map will not take much space in your luggage, but it will help you loads and will save you a lot of time and fatigue. In today’s time Google map and GPS is all good but you never know when you lose signal or run out of battery. Besides classic old fashioned maps are always more reliable.

7. Keep your chargers, hands-free and jewelry untangled

Use that straw trick from printrest to manage your necklace and hands-free. This is a fuss free managing trick. It is one of the smartest trick on internet.

8. Heavy things go towards the wheels

While it will be hard to figure out when your bag lies flat horizontally but if you put heavy things in middle or towards the handles things will come rolling down later making a mess. It’s best to put your heavier stuff towards the wheels.

9. Keep your liquids and toiletries in air tight leek proof clear bag on top

This will prevents any leakages or accidents. It will also help if you are traveling by any air services, it will help you in case the custom officers want to through your liquid stuffs.

10. Carry a separate cotton bag or regular shopping bag for your muddy shoes and laundry

Shoes tend to get muddy and spoil your clean clothes. Your dirty clothes can also leave stinky traces in rest of your clothes and luggage. To avoid such problems keep a separate cotton bag or regular shopping bag to keep these things separate from your clean clothes. Try these awesome hacks and thanks us later. Also share if you have any of your own hacks.

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