The Father of The Convicted Murderer Wrote a Book Claiming His Innocence

The Father of The Convicted Murderer Wrote a Book Claiming His Innocence

Father of The Convicted Murdered Wrote a Book Claiming His Innocence

A decade ago in 2008, Neil Estwistle’s case was all over the media. ‘British man convicted of murdering his American Wife and Nine-month-old Baby’ was all over the TV channels and newspaper. Neil Estwistle was convicted for the double murder of his wife and baby girl Lillian. The firearm used for murder belonged to Neil’s father in law.

convicting a murderer

In 2006 Rachel and her daughter were found dead in their bedroom and Neil fled to Britain before anyone could find about the dead bodies and sheltered in his parent’s house. He was later extradited to USA and charged of a double murder. He was sentenced for a lifetime and denied any parole. He was also prohibited from making any money at all by selling his story.

On the day of trial of case, an author published a book on this crime story, painting Neil as a heartless cold blooded psychotic murderer, which also succeeded in gaining much attention but left Neil’s family in anguish.

Afterwards Neil was harassed by inmates who called him a ‘baby-killer’ and was tricked by a group to shave his head in exchange of security. Later he was shifted to another cell for his own security. He has been imprisoned for past ten years!

Clifford and Yvonne, parents of Convicted British Murderer, Neil Entwistle, serving a life time in prison, maintain he is innocent and key forensic evidence were withheld.

Father claims innocence of his son claiming it was not a murder but a suicide. Recently Clifford Entwistle has published a book ‘Neil’s Story: Trial by Media” in which he claims that the trial of his son was unfair as investigations were inconsistent and evidences were withheld in medical reports. He wanted to tell their side of story which media conveniently ignored ten years ago.

For example, court was unaware of the fact that Rachel was suffering from post natal depression and key forensic evidence was missing from the postpartum report. After the publication of book, the story has gain media attention once again.

Clifford claims that Neil’s wife Rachel was suffering from post partum depression which is evident from her test messages and she shot her baby and then committed suicide. Neil arrived at the scene too late and lost his mental capabilities. In his disturbed mental state, he held the gun used by Rachel and then the dropped the weapon and flee away to his parent. Clifford states it was Neil’s natural flight or fright reaction, which was held against him in court as a proof to his guilt. The court argued that if Neil was indeed innocent he should have called police instead of booking a flight to Britin.

Clifford is a Bassetlaw councilor and has recently published his book. He has worked as a coal miner for a long time and now work as an instructor.

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