60 Blog Post Ideas for Month of May with Examples

60 Blog Post Ideas for Month of May with Examples

It is important to keep your blog regularly updated. It is also important to post content that is trending and engaging to get the maximum benefit out of your blog posts. Sometimes you may experience writer’s block or run out of ideas to post fresh content. Or perhaps you are just feeling lazy to really dig into the upcoming trending topics for your blog posts. Lucky for you I have decided to list all the blog post ideas for each month. I have to do the research for myself anyway, why not share the results of research with fellow bloggers in a blog post? I have already shared the list for February, March, and April and now I am here with a handful of ideas for May.

If you have visited my previous post about blog post ideas, you will be familiar that I mostly design my ideas around the upcoming days, celebrations, and other important holidays just to make sure that whatever ideas I am pitching will align with the trending tags. Speaking of tags I also supplement my ideas with relevant hashtags that will most likely be trending in those days. So without wasting any further time let’s proceed to blog post ideas for May with examples.

1st May – International Labour Day

1st May - International Labour Day

Hashtags for the Day include: #labourday #workerday #instalabour

  1. History of International Labour Day and Its importance
  2. How to celebrate International Labour Day at your office
  3. Read your Employee rights at this International Labour Day
  4. How to Appreciate your Employees on International Labour Day

1st May – World Asthma Day

Hashtags for the Day include: #WorldAsthamaDay #Pollution #CleanAir

  1. A for Asthma, A for Awareness
  2. How to help a person having Asthma Attack
  3.  Home remedies to help your Asthma
  4. Why it’s not ok to Joke about Asthama

3rd May – World Press Freedom Day

Hashtags for the Day include: #WPFD2019 #PressFreedom #FreePress

  1. Why a free press is crucial for our national progress
  2. History of Press Freedom Day and Why do we need such a day
  3. Legal rights of press workers and their implications
  4. How was it when the press was not free to do its work?

7th May – National Teacher’s Day

Hashtags for the Day include: #ThankATeacher #TeachersDay #TeachersLife

  1. 7 things my teacher taught me that I am grateful for
  2. How to honor your teacher on National Teacher’s Day
  3. Activities to plan on National Teacher’s Day
  4. Craft Ideas for National Teacher’s Day

11th May – National Technology Day

Hashtags for the Day include: #Happy TechonologyDay #NationalTechnologyDay #TechDay

  1. Is technology really taking us where we want to be?
  2. Will Artificial Intelligence take over the world one day?
  3. Best technological advancements in my opinion
  4. What do I wish for modern technology to deliver?
  5. Here is why I am unhappy with technological advancements?
  6. 20 things you will not be able to do without modern technology

12th May – International Nurses Day

12th May - International Nurses Day

Hashtags for the Day include: #IND2019 #InternationalNursesDay #NursesDay

  1. How to honor nurses on this International Nurses Day
  2. Why and how you should become a nurse
  3. My encounter with a nurse for which I am grateful
  4. Interview a nurse and share her experiences

12th May – International Mothers’ Day

Hashtags for the Day include: #mothersday #mom #motherhood #mothercare #motherslove

  1. 15 things to do for your mother on International Mothers’ Day
  2. Best Gift Ideas for Mothers’ Day
  3. Things your mother did for you but will never tell you
  4. Interview your other and share lovely childhood memories.

15th May – International Day of Families

Hashtags for the Day include: #dayoffamilies

  1. Why it is important to spend quality time with family
  2. How the family environment can shape our mental health
  3. Fun activities to plan with your family
  4. How to teach children about different types of families

17th May – Norwegian Independence Day

  1. Hashtags for the Day include:#IndependenceDay
  2. History of Norwegians and their culture
  3. 10 Things you should know about Norway
  4. Best travel destinations in Norway
  5. Things to do and not to do when in Norway

17th May – Day Against Homophobia

Hashtags for the Day include: #idahot #May17Because

  1. List Down behaviors that are homophobic
  2. Share how homophobia can damage lives
  3. How To Combat Homophobia in public and workplace
  4. Recommend a reading list to create awareness about homophobia
  5. Recommend movies that discuss the homophobia

24th May – National Brother Day

24th May – National Brother Day

Hashtags for the Day include: #NationalBrotherDay #brother #NBD

  1. Fun Activities to plan on National Brothers’ Day
  2. Fond memories of childhood with your brother
  3. Five reasons brothers are a blessing
  4. Facts and Quotes about brothers

27th May – Memorial Day History

Hashtags for the Day include: #memorialdayweekend

  1. History of Memorial Day
  2. Memorial Day – Remembering our heroes
  3. How to Remember our heroes and support their cause

28th May – National Burger Day

Hashtags for the Day include: #NationalBurgerDay, #Burgers

  1. 5 Best burger recipes to try on National Burger Day
  2. 7 Most popular burger places in my town
  3. The most popular add-on for burgers and their recipes
  4. How much burger-making food chains are earning annually in the U.S.
  5. Scandals of Burger Food Chains you did not know about

31st May – No Tobacco Day

31st May – No Tobacco Day

Hashtags for the Day include: #tobaccofree #quitsmoking #tobacco #smokefree

  1. Where did tobacco come from and what made it popular
  2. How tobacco is injurious to health and why it is legal
  3. How much tobacco making industry is worth in the U.S.
  4. International Market of Tobacco and its production
  5. Tips to help quite Tobacco and stay clean

Other offbeat holidays in the month to inspire some out of the box ideas for your blog posts are as follows        

  • 1st May – Loyalty Day, Save the Rhino Day, Mother Goose Day
  • 2nd May – Baby Day, Brothers and Sisters Day
  • 3rd May – Garden Meditation Day, International Tuba Day, Lumpy Rug Day, World Press Freedom Day, Space Day
  • 4th May – Star Wars Day, Free Comic Book Day, Bird Day, Renewal Day, National Candied Orange Peel Day, Kentucky Derby Day
  • 5th May – Oyster Day, National Hoagie Day, Cinco de Mayo
  • 6th May – Beverage Day, No Diet Day, National Tourist Appreciation Day
  • 7th May – National Teacher’s Day, National Tourism Day
  • 8th May – School Nurses Day, No Socks Day, National Receptionist Day World Red Cross Day / World Red Crescent Day, V-E Day, National Outdoor Intercourse Day, Iris  Day
  • 9th May Lost Sock Memorial Day
  • 10 Military Spouses Day, Clean up Your Room Day Child Care Provider Day or Daycare Provider Day
  • 11th May – National Train Day, International Migratory Bird Day National Windmill Day, Twilight Zone Day, Eat What You Want Day
  • 12th May – Limerick Day, Lilac Sunday second Sunday in May, Fatigue Syndrome Day
  • 13th May – Leprechaun Day, Frog Jumping Day
  • 14th May – Dance Like a Chicken Day
  • 15th May – National Chocolate Chip Day, Police Officer’s Memorial Day
  • 16th May – Love a Tree Day, National Sea Monkey Day, Wear Purple for Peace Day
  • 17th May – National Bike to Work Day (third Friday of the month), Pack Rat Day
  • 18th May – Armed Forces Day, International Museum Day, No Dirty Dishes Day, Visit Your Relatives Day
  • 19th May – Boy’s Club Day, World Plant a Vegetable Garden Day
  • 20th May – Be a Millionaire Day, Pick Strawberries Day
  • 21st May – National Memo Day, National Waiters and Waitresses Day, Victoria Day(Canada) – Monday preceding the 25th
  • 22nd May – World Goth Day, Buy a Musical Instrument Day
  • 23rd May – Lucky Penny Day
  • 24th May – National Escargot Day
  • 25th May – National Missing Children’s Day, International Jazz Day, National Brown Bag It Day, Tap Dance Day, National Wine Day, National Towel Day (in the UK)
  • 26th May – Sally Ride Day
  • 27th May – Sun Screen Day
  • 28th May – National Hamburger Day, Amnesty International Day
  • 29th May – Learn About Composting Day
  • 30th May – Mint Julep Day, Water a Flower Day
  • 31st May – National Macaroon Day, Save Your Hearing Day

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