50 Blog Post Ideas for March with Examples

After receiving a great response on my blog 50+ Blog post Ideas for February I decided to write blog post ideas for every month. So here are blog post ideas for the month of March.

March is mainly Women’s History Month, but it is also, Social Work Month, Rising Star Month, Small Press Month, Nutrition Month, Craft Month and International Ideas Month. There is also more than one day celebrated at each day of month. The complete list of days celebrated is provided at the end of the blog post for bonus inspiration.

Women’s History Month


Hashtags for the month include: #InternationalWomensDay #WomensHistory #Womenhood

  1. Celebrate Female Authors from History
  2. Celebrate the Women who made major contribution towards your country
  3. Write an acknowledgement post for women in your life
  4. A blog post to honor Women Rights Activist
  5. A comparison of current health statistics of women and from a 100 years ago
  6. Strongest Female role models for you

Irish People Month


Hashtags for the month include: #IrisihPeople #StPatricksSay #GreenClover

  1. History of Irish People
  2. History of Irish Literature
  3. How you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day
  4. All the green foods for St. Patrick’s Day Party
  5. Craft Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day
  6. Best St. Patrick’s Days events to attend in my area
  7. Your favorite memories from St. Patrick’s Day

Social Work Month


Hashtags for the month include: #SocialWork #SocialWorker #Nasw

  1. An acknowledgment post for Social Workers
  2. Social Work Ideas for Teenagers
  3. Social Work and Myths attach to it
  4. Top ten Social Working Organizations from Your country

Rising Star Month


Hashtags for the month include: #RaisingStar #TalentHunt #FutureIsNow

  1. List of 10 Rising Stars from your area
  2. 10 Celebrities who messed up as Rising Stars
  3. Helpful Tips for Rising Stars
  4. How to recognize a rising star?
  5. Signs you are a rising star

Craft Month


Hashtags for the month include:#CraftIdeas #CraftDay #CraftSchool #CraftProject

  1. Ten easy craft ideas for school kids
  2. Ten pro tips for craft enthusiasts
  3. Fun Craft Facts for Craft Fans
  4. Pro-tips to Organize Your Craft Room or Home Office

International Ideas Month


Hashtags for the month include: #InternationalIdeasMonth #GreatIdea #MillionIdeas #IdeaWorthMillions

  1. 30 great ideas to be more organized
  2. 20 Inspiring Ideas for decorating teenager’s room
  3. Brilliant ideas to customize your dorm room
  4. 30 Gift ideas for all kind of occasions
  5. 10 ideas for throwing the best party ever

World Book Day- 7th March


Hashtags for the day include: #WorldBookDay #BestBooks #BookBuddies

  1. Post a recommendation list for book
  2. Write about your favorite authors
  3. Write about the most popular books for teenagers
  4. Kindle vs Books
  5. How book reading changes your personality
  6. Best books to get motivated
  7. 7 Magical Books to Change Your Life

    Change of Weather


    Hashtags for the day include: #FarewellWinter #WhenSpringComes #OlafTheSnowMan

    1. How to throw a Snowman Burning Day
    2. DIY Snowman Burning Day Ideas
    3. 7 Things you hate about changing weather
    4. 15 Things You Will Miss About Winters
    5. 12 Best things about summer
    6. 8 Things to Enjoy before March is gone

    Lunch Ideas


    Hashtags for the day include: #PackingLunch #KidsLunchBox #YummyFood #LunchIdeas 46. 12 Healthy Lunch Ideas Your Kids will actually like

    1. 12 Healthy Lunch Ideas Your Kids will actually like
    2. 9 Quick and Easy Lunch box ideas
    3. 6 Recipes you can make from leftover meatballs
    4. Chocolate caramel lunch treat for your kid
    5. Healthy lunch boxes for a week you can prepare on weekends and stock
    6. Best Combinations for Potato Chips in Your Lunch Box
    7. Changes you should make in your Lunch When you hit 40

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    Here I am just supplementing the blog post ideas with days celebrated on each day of March.

    1st March – Pig Day

    2nd March – Old stuff Day

    3rd March – National Anthem Day

    4th March – Grammar Day

    5th March – Unique Names Day

    6th March – Dentist’s Day

    7th March – World Book Day

    8th March – International Women’s Day

    9th March – Meat Ball Day

    10th March – Pack Your Lunch Day

    11th March – Napping Day

    12th March – Organize Your Home office Day

    13th March – Ken Day

    14th March – Potato Chip Day

    15th March – World Sleep Day

    16th March – Lips Appreciation Day

    17th  March – Quilting Day, St. Patrick Day

    18th March – Biodiesel Day

    19th March – Chocolate Caramel Day

    20th March –  Snowman Burning Day, International Day of Happiness

    21st March – World Poetry Day

    22nd March – Goof Off Day

    23rd March – Near Miss Day

    24th March – Chocolate Covered Raisins Day

    25th March – Tolkien Reading Day

    26th March – Make up your own holiday day

    27th March – World theater Day

    28th March – Weed Appreciation

    29th March Niagara – Falls Runs Dry Day

    30th March – Doctors Day

    31ST March– Crayola Crayon Day

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