Beware: Your Digital Wellbeing is being sold

The digital applications, software and smart devices you are trusting your health with are actually selling you out. Mobile application you are using to track your daily activity level, heart rate and calories consume are actually collecting your data in terms of stats and selling that out t the advertisement companies. Than companies like Facebook, and YouTube use this data to show you advertisements that might interest you. Thus you will be spending more time and money online.

How bad it is?


This is not new information. Everybody knows Facebook and other sites utilize data to show ads and they also collect our data and sell it to other companies. The thing which is knew is that the smart devices like your smart watch you are using is providing a very precise information about you. Your smart watch collects data about your every move even when you do not have your cell phone on it.

They even have access to records of your bank transaction and other financial information. They are capable pf tracking your sleep pattern with so much precision that they can provide information on your REM Sleep (deep sleep or time in which you dream) and light sleep. This technology is advancing at the pace that soon it will be able to induce sleep and program your dreams.


I recently read on a blog on the medium discussing the interest of tech industry billionaires in increasing the life span and improving the quality of life for those who can afford it. It had a very interesting discussion about the impact of these research stating “Tech billionaires’ attempts to beat death will not democratize longevity”. The article has highlighted very significant and horrific consequences of technological development for improving the quality of life. Author Jessica Powell highlighted there is already a gap of 20 years in life expectancy for Americans across different socioeconomic classes. In the most underprivileged communities of America average age is 66 while residents of more prosperous areas have average age of 87 years! Jessica shared that with development of longevity tech this gap will only increase. Istrongly recommend you read her blog after finishing this one she made some great points. Painting the picture of a biotech advanced futures, Jessica talked about auto-piloted flying wheelchairs and tech powered dentures than can run test on your saliva and send alert to your robotic doctors of any abnormal reading causing earliest detection of disease. We already have machine plants being implanted in our body like stunts in heart, rods in broken bones and artificial hips and knee joints, so these conclusions do not seem far fetched. The question here is that can you see the red flags here? According to Jessica these developments will increase the life expectancy gap among socio-economic classes. She also fears that the Rich Guys might not want to share their longevity. She proceeded to say that often it happens that the ones who show most concern and compassion towards the sufferers of the issue, are the ones who caused the issue at first place (and of course she is right about that too). They will do charitable campaigns but will not do enough (although the could) to end the agony of their indirect victims. This casts them as the benevolent forces, contributing towards their further popularity and hence business growth. However, what I fear is, if we were to grant these vicious Rich Guys access to our vital parts of body, which they would obviously be able to manipulate, will that not seal our fate? Will they not blackmail us into ‘upgrading the services/package’ for longevity, making us pay them any money we have to our name (of which they would have records too). Once we are run out of money we are doomed to die at their hands. Guess where we would have to work to earn money to pay these bio-tech-mafia? At the Rich Guys’ companies. So basically we shall serve them to live. Would that make them into virtual Gods? Yes!

However this is not the case yet but they do have access to some of your very detailed wellbeing data and they are selling it out. Information about your mobility, activity level, sleep and work pattern is being collected and sold. If it sounds scary to you do not worry google has offered a solution on this.

Solution is Digital Wellbeing


Google has recently launched a new application to control all the other aaps which are stealing from you, your data and your precious time. It helps you monitor your digital habits and disconnects whenever you want to. Digital Wellbeing is compatible with all android phones. You can activate the settings and at your decided time it will disable all the nasty apps.

It informs you how much time you spend on which app, how often you get notifications from them, how frequently you check your and during which hours. Digital Wellbeing also makes you mindful of your mobile phone use. It lets you set limit the time you can use a app per day. This application from Google also rreminds you to switch off at night, setting a schedule to fade your screen to Grayscale while Do Not Disturb silences notifications for a good night’s sleep. How cool is that?

This is a very beneficial tool to take control of your digital life instead of digital life taking control of your life. Be in change and install Digital Wellbeing now!

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