August 4, 2019

Historical Female Authors

Historical Female Authors Bleak to Bright Journey

In the 17th century, women in American were imperiled to the same lawful consequences that of witchcraft if they so much so ‘wore heels to lure a man into marriage’. By the descent of the 18th century, the new progressive American law permitted married women to own property and business in case their men were incapacitated for some reason.

Control Fight or Flight Response Hormone Using Emotional Intelligence

Fight or flight response was one of the main survival instinct for the caveman and has helped a lot along the path of evolution but have you ever wondered is it still helpful? Sometimes, yes, it helps you to jump out of the way of a car in time when it appears out of nowhere. But have you ever had a strong emotional reaction to a situation which caused embarrassment later? Perhaps you have overreacted to a friendly critique of a colleague, maybe you didn’t show up for an exam or interview you thought you have not prepared enough for, or you might have panicked and fled out of a stressful situation.

basic blogging tips

How to Blog Like a Pro? 8 Basic Blogging Tips for Beginners

Are you a new or aspiring blogger and wish to have a blog that people will like? Do you wish to make your blog popular? Would you like to have more visitors on your blog? Are you interested in making money from your blog? Do you feel your blog is not getting the attention or traffic it deserves? Are you wondering what you are doing wrong as a blogger? Do you want to get better at blogging? Would you like to blog like a pro?