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How to Improve Your Social Skills

How to Improve Your Social Skills

Social Skills refer to those skills that help engage and communicate with another person orally and non-verbally through body language, gestures, and outward appearance. These skills play an essential role in today’s world. They are used in networking, establishing valuable relationships, making friends in personal life, and sharing cordial relationships with colleagues at work. If …

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Control Fight or Flight Response Hormone Using Emotional Intelligence

Fight or flight response was one of the main survival instinct for the caveman and has helped a lot along the path of evolution but have you ever wondered is it still helpful? Sometimes, yes, it helps you to jump out of the way of a car in time when it appears out of nowhere. But have you ever had a strong emotional reaction to a situation which caused embarrassment later? Perhaps you have overreacted to a friendly critique of a colleague, maybe you didn’t show up for an exam or interview you thought you have not prepared enough for, or you might have panicked and fled out of a stressful situation.

Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Body Dysmorphic Disorder Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Do you know someone who is unhappy with their physical appearance? Probably yes. With excessively unrealistic beauty standards of our society, constantly backed and reinforced by media and the fashion industry, it is obviously reflecting into body image problems. It is more common among women, of course, because young girls are raised to be more …

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