Sexual Performance: The Younger Years

Sexual Performance: The Younger Years

David Schnarch, a sex therapist says that “we should make a distinction between “genital prime” and “sexual prime.“ As we get older, our body and capacity for intimacy increase. This fits accurately for both men and women. 

You have heard a lot about the different ages of both men and women for having the best sexual performance. Although it is somehow challenging to figure out the exact age for the sexual peak of men or women. There are a lot of questions that are related to sexual performance and sexual peaks. 

This article is designed to address the readers about the recent research that changed our ideas about peak sexual performance and updated our knowledge about the sexual health of men and women through the years. 

Social Belief About Peak Sexual Performance

Sexual Performance: The Younger Years

Previously it was believed that women reach their peak of sexual performance later than men. This concept was developed due to the early research of Alfred Kinsey in 1950. His research and data show that 95% of men had experienced an orgasm by the time they were in their late teens, compared to just 20% of women of the same age. At that time mostly females were sexually pure and the discussion on female sexual pleasure was strongly discouraged. That’s why it was a common belief that men experience orgasm in their teenage years while females experience it in their early 30s. There is nothing that surprises our readers if he has a sharp vision of how society thinks.

Recent research proves that both men and women are competent in sexual activity and acknowledgment in their teenage years. Further research from 2015 shows that approx half of women under the age of 35 experienced orgasms through masturbation by age 15. So the myth that females reach their sexual peak later than males is losing power.

Sexual Peak Performance for Male

Sexual Peak Performance for Male

The National Health and Social Life Survey revealed that 31% of men between the ages of 18 and 59 face sexual dysfunction. This survey clearly shows that youth can not be considered as a guarantee for peak sexual performance in males. 

Most males have their first ejaculation between the ages of 12 to 14 and Young males can usually get an erection more quickly than older men. Research also shows that many men enjoy satisfactory sex throughout their lifespan, even though they face additional physical challenges as they age

  • In terms of percentage, this data can be summarized as follows 
  • By age 40, approximately 40% of men experience some erectile dysfunction (ED); 
  • by age 70, that percentage jumps to 67%
  • Yet  74% of sexually active men over the age of 60 say their sex life is as satisfying more satisfying than their 40s.

Sexual Peak Performance for Females

In women, the sexual peak is associated with sexual satisfaction rather than high libido. Sexual satisfaction in people tends to increase with age as they become more familiar with their bodies and desires. 

The most interesting fact about women’s sexual performance is that sexual dysfunction in women tends to decline as they grow older. And when they reach menopause and fear of unintended pregnancy is gone then it gives more sexual pleasure to women as compared to their younger age. 

Physical Changes in Men 

Physical Changes in Men 

Sex Drive

After 50 years of age, A male sexual response starts to slow down. Sexual drive is altered by an older male’s health. Also, His attitude towards sex can change his sexual performance.

Arousal, Erections, and Ejaculation

  • Older men take more time to get an erection and  it is not as firm as in younger age
  • Erections don’t last as long, for an older man,   and it takes longer to have another erection once he’s ejaculated.
  • Older men can delay ejaculation for a longer time.

Physical Changes in Women

Sex drive

Older women feel a huge difference in their sexual feelings after menopause because there is no fear of getting unwanted pregnancies. They could feel sexier and more lubricated. Besides this, the risk of sexually transmitted disease increases with increasing age due to low immunity and reduced body functions. They need more precautions and also ask their partner to take preventive measures.

Arousal, lubrication, and orgasm

  • Older women take a longer time to become sexually excited
  • With increasing age, the walls of the vagina become thin and dry that can cause irritation during intercourse
  • Women may experience shorter orgasm than they used to be
  • Body contractions may be uncomfortable

Tips for Having active sexual performance 

Tips for Having active sexual performance 
  • Stay in shape:  Physical fitness and body shape play a key role in maintaining sexual attraction. You need to keep yourself physically and mentally fit so you’ll be able to enjoy romance and sex even older age.
  • Seek advice from your doctor. The problems in sexual life are as important to discuss with the doctor as your physical illness like fever or pain. Do not hesitate to open up to your doctor to seek advice and perhaps you need medication to enhance intimacy.
  • Get over Vaginal dryness. If vaginal dehydration is trouble, use vaginal lubricant or implant a vaginal lubricant suppository prior to sexual activity.
  • Perform Kegel exercises: In order to tone your vaginal muscles, you need to practice Kegel exercises. Kegel exercises are aimed to strengthen the muscles that support your urethra, bladder, uterus, and rectum. Strong vaginal muscle tone not only increases the emotion for both males and females during sexual intercourse but also helps prevent incontinence.
  • Difficulty in erection: It is common to face this trouble in older age. If you can’t get or keep an erection, talk to your doctor. There are many new probabilities for the treatment of infirmity (e.g., erectile dysfunction medications, penile implants).
  • Engage in “safer” sex: Elderly people have low efficiency of the immune system and they are at high risk of sexually transmitted disease. You need to take all preventions like the use of condoms to avoid getting or transmitting a sexually transmitted infection (STI)

Take away

Sexual performance is remarkable in both males and females. At young ages, new sexuality is not limited to the young age. It is a myth that older people do not have sex as sexuality is an essential part of the aging process. People going sex is more satisfying at an older age than at younger age due to more confidence about their desires and acknowledgment about their body parts. Although physical changes may influence sexual life with increasing age still sex remains a sensational experiment for other young ones as well as elderly people. 

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