P Shot Success Rate for Erectile Dysfunction and Size Increase

P Shot Success Rate for Erectile Dysfunction and Size Increase

P Shot is recently gaining more and more attention as a treatment option for erectile dysfunction and as a method for penile enlargement. There is a large market for this procedure but what is the success rate for this particular method that uses no drugs but patient own blood to rejuvenate the penis and achieve a size increase?

Erectile dysfunction disorder is characterized by the inability to achieve or maintain an erection for having satisfactory sexual intercourse. It has a very high prevalence and seems to have a significant correlation with age. A study has shown that 40% of men by the age of 40 have Erectile dysfunction and 70% of men by the age of 70 are diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. Even a larger part of the population of men is seeking enhancement procedures and treatments for size just for aesthetic reasons or a boost in self-confidence.

Here, I will like to like to highlight that increase in the size of the penis, both length, and grith, will not mean better sex. The size doesn’t have any direct impact on your pleasure or your partner’s satisfaction level, however, this does lead to the psychological impact which can indirectly cause greater satisfaction for both of you.

It is important to understand that erections and orgasms are caused by a combination of factors including blood flow, hormones, and physical, mental, and emotional health. If the problem is rooted somewhere other than inside your penis, you can not resolve it by injecting your own blood into your penis. It is important to work on reasons affecting your sexual performance, by adopting a healthy lifestyle, quitting unhealthy habits such as smoking, and seeking therapy for your mental and emotional health.

P Shot is not specifically targeted at individuals with erectile dysfunction but for anyone who wishes to enhance their sexual experiences. The PRP injections in your penis are supposed to encourage the muscular strength of your penis and restart the growth of your tissues, blood vessels, and muscles that stopped years ago. If you see P Shot as potentially a suitable option for your problem it is advised that you research well so you can manage your expectations realistically and make an informed decision.

Success rate – Claims and Scientific Evidence

P Shot Success Rate for Erectile Dysfunction and Size Increase

There are nearly 700 registered clinics worldwide offering the P Shot procedure for better stronger erections and an increase in width and length. Many websites of clinics offering the services are claiming that around 40% of patients have reported a 20% increase in size after P Shot. Other websites claim that P Shot has a success rate of 75-80 % in the strengthening of penile tissues. 

In theory just as PRP was used successfully to treat athletic injury and speedy recovery of a muscle tear in past, it helps recover the damaged penile tissues and muscles, strengthening the erection. It is claimed to encourage the natural healing and regeneration of penile tissues and blood vessels ultimately leading to bigger stronger erections.

Scientific journals have repeatedly highlighted the lack of scientific evidence and research-based data for the efficacy of PRP to treat Erectile Dysfunction in humans. While there are some studies for erectile dysfunction with a sample size so small that they can not be generalized, there is no research on the impact of P shot for normal individuals looking for size enhancement. 

P Shot Cost

It is an expensive treatment with varying costs across the globe ranging from over 600 dollars to nearly 2000 dollars. It is an elective procedure and thus insurance does not cover the cost. You will essentially be paying out of your pocket so you need to make sure if it is worth the price. 

Managing your expectations

P Shot Success Rate for Erectile Dysfunction and Size Increase

P Shot is a painless non-surgical procedure with no downtime and minimal aftercare. It is claimed that results may take from one month up to 12 weeks to reveal. That is quite a long period to wait especially in contrast to the strong erection achieved by viagra within a few minutes. This may impact the satisfaction of individuals seeking a quick improvement.

Many times doctors will use P Shot in the combination with a vacuum pump, that can draw extra blood in the penis and that alone can give you a strong erection and enlarged appearance. However, the effects of a penis pump are very temporary and last for around half an hour. The doctor will perform a standard PRP procedure and administer the penis pump to the patient. Often they will sell you the penis pump (notice extra cost) to use later for 10 minutes once or twice per day. Regular use of a penis pump is said to be a “workout” for muscles that will strengthen them.

You will be advised to use the pump constantly from a minimum of one month to up to three minutes when ideally the results of P Shot will roll in.

This combination treatment method makes it extremely difficult to differentiate the benefits of P Shot itself from the benefits that vacuum pump will otherwise deliver on its own. Frequent or prolonged use of the penis pump can cause tissue damage and internal bleeding aggravating the problems that it was intended to provide temporary relief for.

Does it really increase the size?

P Shot Success Rate for Erectile Dysfunction and Size Increase

Doctors have claimed that you can see an increase in size (both length and girth) for 1 inch or even more. However, this greatly depends upon your age, medical history, current health, and factors like smoking. Most websites of the certified practitioners seem to have disclaimers like “results may vary for individuals” and “everyone responds differently”. As mentioned earlier there is no published research to back this claim of practitioners.

Number of Sessions Required

After discussing your medical history, your doctor may recommend one to three sessions or even more. As it is an elective procedure, you can opt to get the job redone as many times as you wish to build on previous results. It is recommended that you should consider repeating the process no sooner than 6 months, and annual sessions are often encouraged.

Potential Side effects

It is important to understand that like any other injection you are exposing yourself to the risks of swelling, redness, bruising, scarring, and infections. Serious complications of a wrongly administered injection can lead to neural damage, therefore you are encouraged to seek a certified doctor only. With the potentially harmful side-effects and limited scientific research to back up the efficacy of the procedure offered at a large number of clinics globally, it is crucial to run clinical tests.

How safe is P Shot?

How safe is P Shot? Priapus Shot
Success Rate for Erectile Dysfunction and Size Increase

The procedure is patented but not FDA approved as there is very little scientific evidence to prove the efficacy of P Shots in increasing the size or treating erectile dysfunction. There is very little data to prove if the P Shot works and if they do how do they work? That being said, while P Shot is not an FDA-approved procedure, the penile vacuum pumps and constriction rings are FDA-approved devices for obtaining an erection and maintaining it respectively.


If you are not experiencing any personal discomfort, it is best not to let toxic masculinity push you to spend a great amount of money on procedures that do not guarantee results. If you wish to experience better sex life try adopting a healthier lifestyle and consult your doctor for your concerns, before looking into options that are not FDA-approved. If you still wish to proceed with P-Shot seek a certified doctor and ask if they can put you in contact with a few patients that can provide testimonials for this procedure. Bring up the lack of scientific publications about this procedure and put your concerts in words out loud. Only proceed when you are completely convinced.

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