What is a platonic relationship? Does it ever works?

What is a platonic relationship? Does it ever works?

Do you think you are in a platonic relationship? Not sure if its even a thing or if it can work out? Let’sfind out about it.

What is mean by platonic relationship?

The term of platonic relationship itself describes itself as a relationship that does not involve sexual activities and sexual intercourse. This type of relationship is mostly known as a platonic relationship. In the modern era, this term focuses on the idea of people being a close friend. 

What is a platonic relationship? Does it ever works?

How this concept originates?

The idea of a platonic relationship was given by ancient philosopher Plato who believe that this type of love could bring people closer to the divine ideal. Currently, the use of this term is focused on the idea of people being close friends.

As a matter of fact, the relationship between the opposite gender either in form of marriage or affair seems incomplete without physical involvement. Most of the general population consider physical involvement as key to a relationship that is not as true. there is still an opposite concept that considers the strength of relationships on the spiritual basis as well as the level of understanding with one another. 

How do you know if you are in a platonic relationship?

How do you know if you are in a  platonic relationship?

The platonic relationship or non-sexual relationship can be easily distinguished from other types of relationships through a number of characteristics. In addition to sexual activities, some  behavior also marked the platonic relationship such as

  • Honesty: the most needed thing in any relationship is honest behavior and a feeling that both partners can share each and everything without hiding and hesitation. 
  • Emotional attachment: Emotional attachment bring two people to close together without any physical involvement. 
  • Acceptance: Acceptance refers to admit and accept the person in the way he is. There is no desire to change someone’s thinking. Behavior and personality and accept each other with heart. 
  • Understanding: The deep understanding in non-platonic relationship strengthen the bond without sexual involvement.  To recognize and respect personal space and don’t to force each other for anything makes the partners be with one another without any difficulty.

Types of a non-sexual relationship

A few peculiar terms have developed to define some other types of platonic relationships. These comprise of:

  • Bromance: This terminology is used to express a warming, affectionate, non-sexual relationship between two men.
  • Womance: This terminology is applied to specify a sensitive, non-sexual, non-romantic connection between two women.
  • Work spouse: This terminology is occasionally practiced to label a close but non-sexual connection between colleagues or co-workers that means bonds and sometimes even play roles similar to that of a marriage.

Effect of a platonic relationship

Effect of a platonic relationship

Non-sexual platonic relationships are important for your health and well-being for a variety of reasons. It brings some positive impact in your life that includes

Support and love: 

Non-sexual relationships are established to get support and love from the partner and to fulfill the lack ness of love in life. Platonic relationships act as a support system, improve mental health, enhance focus. Research also reveals that love and support can improve your immunity system and minimize the risk for anxiety and depression.

Relieve stress

Stress imparts negative effects on both physical and mental health. This situation becomes worse when you feel lonely and have no one to discuss and share your causes of stress. A strong platonic relation helps people to cope up with stress without getting involved in any physical relationship. In this way, supportive platonic relationships make people enough capable to fight stress with the help of the support of their partner.

Increase persistency

The platonic relationship brings a positive impact on your life by making you more patient and persistent to face the problems and challenges of life. It gives you enough affection and motivation and drains out hopelessness. And make you strong enough to fight the battle of life that may include work struggle, health challenges, etc. 

Major challenges in a non-sexual relationship

Major challenges in a non-sexual relationship

A platonic or non-sexual relationship is based on equal love and affection from both partners and does not base on one-sided love. It is established on mutual understanding, honest behavior, and emotional connection without any sexual involvement. However, it can be converted into a romantic relationship and it can be sexual as well. It depends on your own choice. If you want to extend this platonic relationship to a romantic one then you must communicate with your partner without pursuing them

In this whole journey, you are at risk of losing your strong friendship bond with a person if they don’t agree to convert it into a romantic relationship. Or in case of a breakup, you don’t lose your lover but also a  close friend with deep understanding and attachment. Tatswhy preserving a nonsexual relationship is very important as it is not based on physical involvement. 

In the establishment of a platonic relationship you must

  • Set clear boundaries
  • Decide the limits of physical intimacy
  • Set amount of contact


Nonsexual relationships are somehow difficult to maintain as it established on understanding, accepting one’s mentality, hones behavior, and strong attachment within boundaries. It may be in form of friendship and that also can be converted into romantic relationships with the consent of both partners. Communication and comprehension is the key to establish a platonic relationship. 

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