12 New Sexual Things to Try to Spice Things Up

12 New Sexual Things to Try to Spice Things Up

Love in a romantic relationship is not only a feeling but a commitment that demands more than physical attraction and connection. In reality, relationships go through many phases. Couples also experienced a phase in which they feel that they have fallen out of love. They do not figure out that even having mutual understanding and attachment, why the spark of love is gone. Love burns like wildfire and then slows down gradually. If you do not try new sexual things, the heat in the spark of love will end completely.

Why Should Couples Try Something New?

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The youth is fantasized about the idea that the spark of love will remain hot forever and they can feel its heat in the future in the same way as in the beginning but the truth is that it is just a myth. At the beginning of any relationship, the curiosity of discovering each other’s bodies, personalities, and tastes, so it is easy to keep the relationship cheesy and hot.

Later on, the insecurities shed off, and this relaxation in the relationship interrupted the chemistry between couples. Additionally, responsibilities, house rent, bills, or kids’ entry into the picture bring an end to the spark and heat of a romantic relationship. 

12 New Sexual Things to Try

new sexual things to try

1. Interchange Massage

Who is not ready for a body massage by your lovely partner after a hard day?. Giving signals to your partner for sex after a stressful day is hard as it brings too much pressure on the body but a body massage will relax the muscle and give your partner physical relief and pleasure. 

You can try aromatic oil and good music during the massage.  This way helps you to get a dopamine-rich state without having sex. Among all the new sexual things to try, exchanging massages is a great way to enjoy each other’s bodies without sexual intercourse. 

2. Go for New Postures and Position

Sex positions and postures matter a lot. Why stick with the old sex position when you have a wide variety to try ?. Almost 65 sexual positions are reported that are entirely a complete package of new sexual things to try. 

All sex positions emerge from one of the three leading positions. Everything else is a divergence on one of those.

 These leading positions are:

  • Face-to-face vs. rear entry
  • Standing, lying down stacked, or lying side-by-side.
  • Him on top, her on top.

In case you do not like the new position then you can go back to your previous one for getting climax. Just do not hurt yourself or your partner and remember that sex is supposed to be fun. 

3. Step out of  the Bedroom

In search of new sexual things to try, it is a great idea to leave your bedroom. If you are sure about your privacy at home then do not hesitate and have your sexual intercourse anywhere at home. You may have many options like

  • Kitchen Counter
  • Kitchen tablet
  • Dining room table
  • Sofa
  • Balcony
  • Shower
  • Toilet
  • Swimming pool
  • Against the wall
  • On the floor

Out of the bedroom, sex has given you a hot and instantaneous vibe as in an early relationship. You can enjoy the whole feeling as new and can not keep your hands off each other. Sex with an old partner at a new place is a whole package of new vibes and feelings. 

4. Try Lube

Lube must be present in every couple’s sex arsenal even if they do not favor toys or role-playing. Lube makes vaginal sex more pleasurable and its use is not limited to anal sex only. Lube is also recommended to maintain vaginal health as dry vaginal health may result in chafing and tearing. Lube is available in three basic varieties

  • Water-based lube
  • Silicon-based lube
  • Oil-based lube
  • Organic lube

All types of lube are safe to use on condoms and toys except oil-based lube. 

5. Be Unplanned

The idea of limiting sex to a specific time and place turns it into routine work and not a pleasure-seeking activity. Gradually you feel sex as a routine just as household chores or paying bills. You must engage yourself in spontaneous sexual behavior during routine work. For example, if she is preparing dinner, you can lift her up over the kitchen counter to renew your romance. Working on an assignment? Interrupt him with fellatio in his office chair. 

Planed sex kills the excitement and joy between couples so you must spice up the things to inject the hit sex with whole emotional warmth and heat.

6. Turn Them on by Sexting

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Sexting is a way to share your thoughts and fantasies before acting on them. It’s A naughty way to share your sexual desires through text. In a mischievous tone, you can tell your partner that you are thinking about their body throughout the day and wants to meet soon.  This gives a tingling sensation to your partner without any physical touch or activity. 

7. Talk Dirty

Dirty talk in bed seems ridiculous but it may be fun with your partner. You can try some double-meaning words to stimulate your partner. The dupe is to turn into the present to the moment, to the emotions you are going through, and express them from the heart. Don’t be afraid to tell your partner what you need to do to him/her or what you wish him/her to do to you.

8. Switch Power Rules

Romantic couples have one more dominating partner but it is not a bad idea to allow your submissive partner to take over the charge for a night, be wild and play rough. It will create a healthy environment with your partner and make others feel to be equally important and preferably during night play. 

9. Have fun With Toys

Sex toys play a major role in a long-term relationship. These toys enhance your sexual encounter. The need for sex toys does not get faded in presence of a partner. That’s why women hardly give up their favorite vibrator just due to the fact that they have partners in bed. You can delight your partner more with sex toys in bed. You can consider

  • Vibrators
  • Cock rings
  • Pocket pussies
  • Butt plugs
  • Penis sleeves

10. Observe Each Other While Masturbation

You can learn to please your partner by observing them while they masturbate themselves. Generally, people are secretive about the masturbation habits they acquired in adolescence but it helps you to discover the sexual desires of your partner as well as points of pleasure. You can convert masturbation into a partner’s activity.

11. Engulf

Informal surveys discover that most people who do blowjobs to climax swallow the ejaculate. If you or your companion has targeted this in the past, look at giving it a try. For people who are health-conscious, semen is 97% water, non-fattening, and contains about 2% sperm. The metallic taste comes from zinc, an essential mineral swallowing semen is a playful act. In other words, a great job to shoot in bed with your girlfriend or boyfriend.

12. Play Rough

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Rough sex makes you mad but it must be with the consent of the partner. Consider rough play only with a committed partner, and expand to it so you find out how nasty you can safely get. You may try

  • Pulling hair
  • Spanking
  • Scratching
  • Biting
  • Choking
  • Having your partner down
  • Patting of the breasts, face, etc.
  • Taking control

Before you Leave

No matter how old your relationship is, sex always matters. It works as a glue that holds the partners together in a romantic relationship. Bad sexual encounters disappoint the partner and bring a relationship to end without any comprehensive communication. That’s why never stop to Try new sexual things before it goes so late

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