How to do the Keto Diet the Right Way?

How to do the Keto Diet the Right Way?

The Keto diet is a unique way to lose weight but it only works if it is done in the right way. In other situations, it has more tendency to make you weight gain if not done in the right way. Here is a guide to highlight the correct way of doing a keto diet in order to get its full benefits.

Let’s begin.

10 Steps for Beginners  Before Starting a Keto Diet

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1. Complete Your Homework About the Keto Diet 

Before starting the keto diet, you have full information about what you can eat and what you cannot eat. Keto diet cut-offs the carbs so there is a possibility that you may quit on your favorite food like bread, pasta, candy, cookies, and many more. Not only that beans also contain a high amount of carbs.  Only meat-based and pure fats like butter and oils are carbs-free and preferred while doing the keto diet.

2. Evaluate Your Fat Consumption

People are scared of fat consumption. They think that fat is responsible for their excessive weight snd heart disease. It is an incomplete truth. The complete Truth is that not all types of fat are harmful as fat is also classified into good fat ( polyunsaturated ) and bad ( trans ) fat. A high-fat diet may be uncomfortable in the beginning but you have to make small adjustments like ordering burgers on lettuce leaves or fresh veggies for fries. 

3. Check Your Protein Intake

The Keto diet is a moderate protein diet so you cannot take protein as much as you want. Before starting the keto diet, you have to observe the daily consumption of protein. If you are taking excessive protein then it must be managed. Overeating protein may turn off the metabolism of ketone because protein can also form glucose. A small portion of meat topped with a large amount of fat is an accurate idea for fulfilling the keto diet plan.

4. Sharpen Your Cooking Skills

You must polish your cooking skills to follow the keto diet. Cooking your own keto meal allows you to have different varieties according to your taste. It is budget-friendly and good for your health. Another reason to sharpen your cooking skills is you cannot rely on processed canned food items. You have to go for some easy recipes of keto meal otherwise when you won’t find anything to eat or cook, definitely you will turn to carbs. 

5. Give A Try to Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof coffee is the best keto-friendly drink. It is prepared by mixing coconut oil and butter with your coffee. This drink will help keep your hunger at the harbor and you have time to plan your next meal.

It is important to note down that coconut oil can increase bad cholesterol. if you have any heart disease then you must avoid this drink or consult your doctor for staying on the safe side.

6. Talk About Your weight loss goals

You need to talk about your weight loss goals with your family and share your plans of starting a keto diet. You have to mentally prepare them so that now you won’t be able to eat the same meal at dinner and lunch and have to cook something else for you. You have to tell them the duration of your ketogenic diet( three to six months).

If you get some demotivational response from family then all you have to do is to announce that you have done your research and it is completely safe for your health. It will be easy if your family, friends, and coworkers get your back and if they do not, you can convince them gradually and slowly. This step helps you to maintain your relations and won’t hurt the feelings at ” family time” or “ party time” specifically.

7. Beware of early side effects or keto flu

You have to prepare for keto flu at the beginning of the keto diet. Keto flu occurs when your body is adjusting to a new diet plan and starts to burn fat for providing calories. You may feel symptoms like 

  • Lethargy in lower limbs
  • Constipation
  • Mental fog

All these symptoms resolve by themselves after a few days or a maximum of 10 to 14 days. You have to stay firm and don’t discontinue your keto diet plan. As keto flu is common does not need to worry about it at all.

8. Keep your electrolyte balance

Electrolytes like sodium, potassium calcium are often considered worthless and get no attention until and unless their imbalance causes some definite medical disease. Electrolyte balance is too much important to maintain the normal working of the body. A Keto diet, in the beginning, may disturb this balance. So you need to maintain this balance before starting a keto diet. It also helps you to manage the few side effects of keto flu. 

9. Conditions in which the keto diet seems inappropriate

Few medical conditions can make you think twice before starting a keto diet.  like people with diabetes who are on insulin and other injectable medications. Similarly, people with digestive issues face problems while starting a keto diet. 

People who are purely vegetarian may also feel difficult to continue the keto diet as they cannot eat beans, nuts, seeds, and lentils. They face extreme restrictions due to limited carb intake and are left with the choice of tofu or low-carb protein powder. 

10. Create another plan after keto to maintain weight

A Keto diet is not a long-term weight loss plan. There is a huge possibility that you will return to old eating habits and gain more weight as it was before keto. So you have to decide on an after plan to control and maintain the weight. After taking benefits from the keto diet, you can carry on with the gym or work out at home. Or plan your schedule with more physical activity and less calorie consumption. 

Mistakes to Avoid During Keto Diet 

  1. Cutting carbs too quickly
  2. Do not stay hydrated
  3. Lacking omega-3 fatty acid
  4. Insufficient intake of salt
  5. Not getting consultation and support
  6. Forget about food quality
  7. Not giving attention to veggie intake 

Summing Up

Concluding all the facts and realities, it is much more important to do keto in the right way .it is worth noting that consistency is the key and the right diet plan which is followed in the right way gives you maximum way as per your expectations. Also, it is important to avoid keto mistakes so that it will not cancel the positive outcomes of your diet plan.

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