Are Keto Pills Safe? What are the Major Risks Involved?

Are Keto Pills Safe? What are the Major Risks Involved?

The ketogenic diet is a successful method to help individuals in losing weight and get rid of stubborn body fat. The Keto diet and keto pills are the two ways that provide endogenous and exogenous ketone bodies respectively. The difference between the keto diet and these pills to elevate ketone bodies’ level in blood is that the keto diet compels the body to use fat and generate fat bodies while keto pills provide exogenous keto pills by themselves. This raises many questions on the working and health impact of such medication. 

What are Keto Pills?

Are Keto Pills Safe?

Keto pills are dietary supplements that are specifically designed as an alternative to the keto diet. The prime objective of these pills is to facilitate those individuals who want to lose their weight through a ketogenic diet either without cutting carbs or in a short time. In short keto, these pills serve as an alternative to the keto diet. 

Why Such Medications are Thought To Cause Side Effects?

In fact, keto pills are not the natural way of doing a ketogenic diet. Anything that is not natural is most susceptible to cause side effects and risks. These tablets are a shortcut way to get the results without strict restrictions on carbs. 

Composition of Keto Pill

The composition of these pills varies from brand to brand so it is recommended to read the key ingredients carefully or consult with your doctor regards any specific brand of keto pills. Generally, it is composed of two main constituents

  • Ketones salt including Beta-hydroxybutyric acid  that combines with sodium, potassium, magnesium, and/or calcium
  • Ketone esters including D-Beta Hydroxybutyrate/ D 1,3-butanediol

Side Effects of Keto Pill

Just like the keto diet, keto pills have the following side effects.   Side effects of these tablets are:

  • Fatigue
  • Bad breath
  • Irregular menstrual cycles
  • Constipation
  • Sleep issues
  • Decreased bone density
  • Chills and sweating
  • Increased heart rate
  • Increased thirst

These pills May Disrupt Your Health

Are Keto Pills Safe?

Keyo pills may disturb your metabolism in the way that during the use of these tablets, your body is used to taking up ketones as fuel. It makes you less hungry by decreasing the concentration of the hormone ghrelin. But once you quit the use of keto pills after 30 days, you have a significant increase in the appetite-suppressing hormone that makes you more hungry than actually, you are physically hungry. 

The Myths About Keto Pills

Two common myths that circulate about keto pills need clarification to clear the misunderstanding of the general public

Myth 1: Keto pills are often mistaken as injurious to health. It is completely a myth. Because these tablets work just like the keto diet but as exogenous ketone bodies. They may cause certain minor side effects but they are not injurious to health, Instead, keto pills are decided to maintain your health with weight loss.

Myth 2: These tablets in contrast to the keto diet have more side effects. According to facts, keto pills and the keto diet both follow the same mechanism of action. So in this light, such medication also possesses the same risk factors as these tablets with slight differences in severity. 

Precautionary Measure

Are Keto Pills Safe?

As you hear the most famous proverb that prevention is better than cure” Same in the case of keto pills, you need to do some homework before going for these tablets. Also, you need to be cautious for the first few weeks after starting keto tablets.

Ask Your Pharmacist And Docter

It is necessary to consult your pharmacists and doctor before starting any dietary supplements. They will better guide you about the keto diet plan and acknowledge more about the possible risk factor and outcomes.

If you are a heart or kidney patient or suffer any kind of disease then it becomes essential to consult pharmacists before taking any keto pills. It will be dangerous for your health to go for these tablets without consultation and suggestions by your physician and pharmacists.

Check The Cost

Keto pills are expensive and you have to check the price before going to these pills. You will be in a mess if you found out in the middle of the keto diet that you cannot afford it anymore. The price of these tablets varies from brand to brand. 

Update Your Doctor with your Health Status

It is not over when you get a green signal for taking keto pills, you need to observe yourself keenly for the first few weeks after starting the keto diet and update your doctor if you find any symptoms like keto flu, etc. 

Final Note

Keto pills are the specific type of supplements that face controversy and conflicts regarding their use and impact on health. Although these tablets have some minor side effects they show the potential to result in weight loss. The reviews about certain keto pill brands also support the use of keto pills. Although some cautions and precautions are necessary for people who have any type of disease or illness they can not define the overall performance of keto pills. 

Is the Keto Diet Safe? What are the Side Effects?

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