9 Everyday Beauty Hacks to Look Beautiful With No Makeup

Cosmetics are a million-dollar industry which prevails on our insecurities about our physical appearance. What makes things even sinister is that they use harmful chemicals which further damage your natural beauty. The one with ‘organic ingredients’ are super expensive and it just seems unfair when natural sources of these organic ingredients are so readily available at a much cheaper price. Mother Nature has arranged for both our health and beauty in most organic items that we mostly categories as food. In this post, I aim to educate you about the beauty and health benefits of these organic items so you can incorporate them in your daily life. So without any further delay let’s get started about these natural self-care and beauty hacks.

1. Almond Oil as your moisturizing makeup remover

 “If I don’t have a shake, I’ll just have some toast and poached eggs with some avocado. Or millet cereal with almond milk and bananas – it’s really yummy, and you can get it hot for the winter months,” – Jennifer Aniston.

Jennifer Aniston – Beauty Hacks

Evidently, almonds are the secret behind the timeless beauty of Jennifer Aniston. Almond oil is rich in Vitamin E and A, therefore, it is very good for your skin and hair. It helps fight bacterial and fungal infections and thus reduces both dandruff and acne. Almond oil helps with pimples and clears up your skin but it is also a great makeup remover which is gentle on your skin and lighter on your pocket than any popular makeup remover. It has added benefits of sunscreen and also fights against acne and leaves your skin very nicely moisturize.

2. Banana Peel as Teeth Whitener

Banana is known to be a generous source of readily available energy packets known as carbohydrate and is rich in potassium which is a pain killer. It also has an abundance of calcium and fiber. This is the reason banana shakes are so popular in athletes. It also contains serotonin which helps with depression and mood improvement. Even banana peel is an excellent teeth whitener which is way cheaper than commercially available teeth whiteners. Banana peel has high levels of potassium; magnesium and manganese which can help remove stains from your teeth leaving them whiter. Simply peel a ripe banana and rub its peel on your teeth twice a day for two minutes. You will see an evident difference in two weeks.

3. Green Tea for Younger Looking Skin

beauty hack green tea

While green tea is great for weight loss, it also helps with bloating and its anti-inflammatory power helps reduce blemish and swelling around your face. Regularly drinking green tea will speed up your metabolism and you will feel much lighter and active. It will give you glowing skin and help to tighten the loose skin leaving you evergreen.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar to Reduce Acne

Apple cider vinegar can reduce cholesterol and lower blood sugar level which is why it is very beneficial for people with diabetes. This is also the reason that adding two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to your diet plan cans double the speed of your weight loss. Apple Cider Vinegar also has an organic acid with antibiotic and antifungal properties; therefore it is also very useful in reducing dandruff and acne. Rinse your hair once a week with a 1:3 mixture of water and apple cider vinegar to help with dandruff. Its acidic nature also contributes to removing dead skin, leaving your face fresh ad soft. This double effect of antibiotic and exfoliating makes it an excellent candidate for the treatment of acne. Make diluted apple cider vinegar toner at home and use it for 6 weeks regularly to see the results. it’s cheaper and safer than most anti-acne treatments available in the market.

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5. Honey for removing scars and intensive hair repair treatment

Honey is an excellent antibiotic and anti-inflammatory agent and was used in medication by ancient civilizations for centuries. It is known for its ability to regenerate the dead skin and repair dead-looking dry and frizzy hair. I have shared how you can make this hair mask to treat dry and damaged hair in my other blog post, do try it out. It is also known to reduce dark circles and acne scars.

6. Coconut Oil for soft heals and hair

Coconut oil is also an excellent moisturizer for your hair and skin. It can help repair and prevent cracked heels. It is very nourishing for your hair and promotes the growth of hair. Just massage some coconut oil on your scalp and apply on your hair too, leave it for 20 minutes so your hair and scalp can absorb the nutrition and then wash.

7. DIY Organic Wax for Hair Removal

Beauty Hack sugar lemon honey wax

Now, this is the recipe women had been using for centuries. Ask your grandmother how they use to wax back in the day when the cosmetic industry was not this overwhelming giant. It was simple just mix some sugar in lemon juice, stir on light heat and add some honey for extra thickness. Lemon is antibiotic so you don’t get infection and honey prevents any rash making it an excellent remedy without any chemicals and preservatives.

8. Vaseline to tame your eyebrows and bushy hairs

Hair Beauty hacks

While popular use of Vaseline is to moisturize the skin and keep your lips baby soft, it is lately being used by many social media influencers to tame dry frizzy hairs due to its strong moisturizing benefits. The secret behind this superpower is natural waxes and mineral oils that are components of petroleum jelly, commercially known as Vaseline. They prevent and repair cell damage and even promote growth, therefore, it is no wonder that Vaseline is so good for your hair. It’s not just your hair on scalp though; you can also put a dab of Vaseline on your eyebrow brush to keep those stubborn eyebrow hairs in place. So now Vaseline should be your go-to solution for perfect hair and eyebrows.

9. Sugar + Coffee for scrubbing and tanning

Beauty Hack – coffee sugar scrub

Both these ingredients have excellent exfoliating properties and are easily available in every kitchen. Take equal amounts of grounded sugar and coffee; add a little coconut oil and you have your magic serum. This scrub also helps with cellulite For summers add lemon juice instead of coconut oil. Rub it on your legs and arms as a scrub with the added benefit of fixing uneven tan lines.

I really hope You Found these tips helpful. If you have any beauty hacks you will like to share please let me know in the comments! I f you liked these natural beauty tips please do share this informative post with your friends.

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