5 Cringe Worthy Fashion Trends College Students Follow

5 Cringe Worthy Fashion Trends College Students Follow

Let’s read through this post to make sure you don’t make these Cringe-Worthy Fashion Trends College Students follow. The college year is starting and no one is more excited than freshmen. Actually, they might be the only people on the entire planet who are excited about it. Freshmen and the people who are stocking their stores with back-to-school stuff. When you are shopping for your first year in college, remember fashion is a way to express yourself, but it is also a way to form an impression on others. Make sure you are doing it right. Being a freshman it is easy to commit serious crimes against fashion and become a laughing stock due to lack of experience.

1. Trying too hard

We get it you want to make a strong first impression and stay at the top of the game, but please go easy on makeup and accessories. Caked up with makeup and wearing high heels, trust me you look silly. You look equally silly if you are wearing everything branded as if brands are sponsoring your college degree. You are on a campus not a fashion show. Relax, keep it casual, skip contour and highlighter.

For Dressing up: Keep it casual and comfortable. Sooner or later you’ll learn the only person who really cares about how you look is you.

For Shoes: Heels are no fun, especially with all the walking you have to do rushing from class to class. Wear comfortable flats or trainers, be practical so everyone knows you are smart.

For makeup: Keep it natural, don’t look like a clown, foundation, mascara, and a little lipstick should be enough. If you must, just wear a little blush and that’s it. In fact, you should try these beauty hacks t master natural beauty,

2. High School Jewelry

Get rid of those silly rings and chunky neckless from your school days. Doesn’t matter if your BFF or high school sweetheart gifted them. Lock them up in a memory box. Their days are over girl! You can tell if someone is a freshman from a mile thanks to high school jewelry. It’s so juvenile and loud. When it comes to wearing jewelry on campus, remember less is more.

3. Crop Top fail

Crop tops are cute and look super chic if you wear them right but can become a major fashion disaster if paired with wrong bottoms. High waisted pants and skirts are a major no-go for crop tops. If you are not showing some skin, what’s the point of wearing a crop top. But again don’t show too much skin, while on campus. Pairing a crop top with a short or a skirt is fine for a girls night out or a sexy yet fun date look but don’t go so out and loud on campus. The fashion police will hate you!

4. Backward cap

You want them to think that you are an outdoorsy and sporty girl who knows how to have fun, we get that! The backward cap does give you a youthful sporty look but they are so 80’s and seriously annoying for people sitting behind you in class. Please ditch it unless you want to be known as ‘that annoying backward cap gal”. Plus the cap is robbing you of the opportunity to show off your pretty hair. With the cap on you can’t show them all the fun cute hairstyles you have learned watching Youtube tutorials and Pinterest videos! Toss that cap out of the window, please and try this hair mask for awesome hair.

5. Huge Top and Tight bottoms

I don’t care what fashion trend you are following in your mind or which celebrity you think you copied if you are wearing a big jumper on your skinny jeans or a loose top over leggings, you look like a seal. Even if you are cute as a button, at best you will look like a mermaid. You don’t pair up a loose top with a tight skirt, what makes you think it’s ok to bring together a huge baggy shirt and skinny jeans? Why would you murder fashion like that?

I hope this information will help you do better in your freshman year and you will not be embarrassed to look at your pictures years later.

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