7 Things You should do Before Buying Your First Car

Entering adult life means making independent decisions and serious purchases. One of the most serious purchase you will make is a car. While this can be an exciting event in your life, you might not realize it is a serious commitment which needs some tough brain storming. There are so many options from car models to purchasing plan and loan options. Here is a step by step guide for you to make this decision easier and smarter.

Asses your needs and budget

While good looking cars can be attractive but you need to assess what you might need your car for. If the mileage is more important for you than speed. Consider if you are planning to take longer routes and comfortable seats are important for you. What kind of engine power you might need. Assess all your needs and also your pocket with honesty. Also look into the option of new or used car. Ponder how much you can afford to invest in cash and how much loan you can get. How much down payment you can arrange and how much loan is reasonable for you. Plan how you will repay your loan. It is very important to be honest with yourself in this phase.

Educate yourself

Being able to drive a car and being able to keep a car is different. To keep a car in a good condition you should know at least basics of car functioning. If you are not much of a car enthusiastic, you probably don’t know much about making and working of a car. Study engines and batteries of cars. Lear about tires, coolant in engine, break oil, fuse, and other such important components of car maintenance. This information will also be helpful while choosing the type of car you want and maintaining the car later.


Thanks to tools like google it way easier and quicker now to research options in this time. Analyze what car models fit into your need and pocket range. Look for pros and cons of different car making companies. Compare and short list a few cars you are interested.

Collect data

Conduct a market survey. Visit different retailers and car making company showrooms in your area. Compare prices between different retailors. Take test drives. Discuss payment plans with retailors. Collect as much data for your short listed cars as possible. Visit banks to know their car purchasing plans. Discuss car mileage and engine utility with actual car users.

Make the final decision

Now with all this information you have gathered make a final decision about the car you are actually going to purchase. Picture yourself driving the car you have decided for. Make sure you are comfortable with your decision. If not research again.

Apply for the loan

Gather your documents and apply for the bank loan you have settled for. Relax while your loan is being processed. Do not boost about your future car with your friends. You never know when things might go wrong and you are left embarrassed.

Go get your car

Once your loan is approved, it’s time to visit the car retailer you chose. Fill the papers, make the down payment and get your keys. Congratulations now you are a car owner.

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