StarDust Omega -Two Astrophysics Women to Repopulate Earth

Disclaimer: This is a work of Astrophysics fiction i hope you guys will enjoy. The work is still in progress and i will keep updating


Russian has beaten Americans twice in reaching space, America was not willing to take a defeat for a third time. Desperate for something to show for all the findings they were getting Astorphysicist often stayed after hours glued to their insanely efficient telescope. It was one such fateful after hour star gazing by Astrophysicist Dr. Paul Wilkin, when this cloud of star dust was spotted. He was eager to share his new discovery, especially when he was just eight months away from retirement. He spent weeks in noting down reading with his team, calculating and charting information. However, the shock of the second discovery was no less.

This cloud of stardust was almost the size of The Sun, and was no less than in mass then that of sun and at the pace and dimensions it was orbiting, it was likely to collide with our dear planet Earth.  It appeared this cloud has engulfed many small planets and moons that has come across its path previously and do the same with the earth. However, the collision will take seventy years, and perhaps American government can do something about it.

Information was forwarded to Government authorities, until it reached The president of America.

The information was too sensitive to be risked. All the data was confiscated, scientist disappeared and Russia was accused for the disappearances. The uproar against Russia settled down in a few months and matter was forgotten in a matter of a year. The highly confidential office passed down from one President office to another for more than half a century.

Had the research been not stopped, with advancement in technology a lot could have been learned, foreseen and done to alter the course of mankind.


One lazy afternoon at NASA headquarters turns into stretched hours of panic when an email is received, from a student of Astrophysics in Bangladesh, claiming he has discovered a huge star dust cloud, moving closer to Earth, at a disturbingly fast pace. It provided a dimension and all. Later the staff is told that it was a juvenile attempt to get acceptance in NASA. Matter was hushed and soon forgotten.


Meanwhile in Bangladesh a group of five brilliant university student disappeared mysteriously. No trace found, labeled as a case of run away teenagers and soon forgotten. 

2026 … coming soon

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