What I think of Austin Macauley Publishers – Honest review

This is an honest unpaid review of an uprising book publisher that caught my attention lately. Austin Macauley Publishers, a publishing company found in 2006 who has its offices in London, Cambridge, New York, Sharjah and they are also opening another office in Sydney.

Why write about Austin Macaulay?

Before becoming a mom, I use to read a little more than I do know, and finishing one book per week during my commute times and bed times was the norm. I read all the time while on my maternity leave and finished two books a week. I promised my self once the baby is born I will buy him two books every month. I failed so badly at that, my saving grace are the total three books I received on my baby shower (have written a review on all three). The friend that gifted those three books (I don’t know what were her merits though) picked two books from Austin Macauley Publisher and one from another publisher called Little Bee. Ok, So, it happened that I read couple of self help books and motivational book from this very publishing company named Austin Macaulay Publishers.

For this reason, the name stuck in mind and when a friend asked for recommending a small publisher who will take her I thought of Austin Macauley automatically. They have some good children books and self help books, don’t they? But before recommending to her I decided to do my research, and that’s where things got interesting …

Online reviews of Austin Macauley

Although I have had some decent books from Austin Macauley Publisher sitting on my book shelf (and I am sure one is under my bed somewhere, and one I forgot at my doctor’s office – never got it back or finished it even), online reviews said otherwise. From (my own) reader’s perspective books were good quality but online reviews from author’s point of view were mixed. While their own website and social media displayed happy authors, other places other were even called scammers. However, I found it hard to believe that scammers could function under the same name for so long and still grow into a company functioning world wide with head offices in four major countries. So I decided to dig even deeper.

Austin Macauley Publishers has a YouTube channel of their own but there are other mentions of them on Youtube. There is one author (who use to self publish) C T Mitchell who said he has received a traditional contract form Austin Macauley Publishers (which by the way no scammer offers), and copy of the contract earned him a membership in The Crime Writer’s Association. The guy was really excited about it. An other YouTube channel named book reviews and more shared author Tim Wotton was awarded People’s Book award.

Final Word for Austin Macauley

So I decided to tell my friend to send her manuscript to Austin Macauley Publishers, with worst case scenario, they will try to trick her in paying them some crazy amount which she can decline and move on to other publishers on her list. She did and surprise! surprise! She got an answer from them in two weeks. They suggested a few changes to the plot line and agreed to offer her a traditional contract only if she agreed to the suggested changes. Although she was actually offered a traditional contract, the amount they were offering was not enough as per suggested by some authors on You Tube and my dear friend was not ready to make the changes suggested. Although it was totally her choice to make, (she declined their offer and moved on to self publishing her books) but if I were here I would have taken the offer as a first time author.

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