Tom Holland got Flushed away at Twitter

Apparently twitter thinks Tom Holland looks like the rat from the animated movie Flushed Away (2006). Or rather i should say Roddy the rat looks like Tom Holland.


So this girl tweeted past midnight (1 am to be precise) as she claims and twitter just couldn’t handle. She thought it would be a fun idea to compare marvel’s cute Spiderman to the Dreamworks creation from the animated movie Flushed Away. But She didn’t expect it to go viral.

More and more people started pitching in and agreeing.

Funny how real the resemblance is. Wonder if Tom Holland Noticed
Pretty Close … Tom Holland Looks Like Roddy the Rat from Flushed away

The movie flushed away was released in 2006 and although it was not that well received on box office it was quite entertainign all in all. Roddy St. James who was an elite pet living a posh life got flushed away by an intruding fellow. Roddy was voiced my Hugh Jackman who himself is quite a hottie. Hugh Jackman is our darling Wolverine, so much for a rat. Pretty lucky rat


Although Roddy the Rat is still pretty good looking. We still have to know how Tom Holland reacts to this.

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