Stephen King on Alabama Women – Sarcasm Win!

Stephen King has always been very vocal about his opinions and he never shied away from posting politically charged tweets. Much like his literary work his tweet fluency and quality is marvel worthy.

In light of the recent events where Alabama’s Senate is considering a near-total ban on abortions, making abortions illegal, there is much uproar from the public. Many believe that this will be a huge step back in the journey of human rights and feminism. Women have fought for centuries to get access to basic human rights and freedom of choice. Legal and safe abortions are one of such rights for better health care, improved quality of life and their right over their bodies. It should be no one’s else business what a woman decides to do with her body.

Some women said that government officials should keep their hands off my vagina and womb. Many celebrities have shown support to the women standing up for their right over their body. It should come as no surprise that very opinionated and the king of sarcasm, Stephen King has also jumped on the wagon. In a recent tweet, he said:

I guess Alabama women can’t be trusted to deal with their pregnancies. Luckily for them, they’ve got a bunch of men (and one elderly lady) to tell them what to do. #Handmaid’sTale.

Stephen King is obviously as annoyed with Alabama’s officials as us.

Much to our dismay the legislator who wrote this bill is a woman. The bill has been signed and passed into law, but it will not be in effect for the next six month. While women still have six months to get legal abortions, the history will remember that this right of women was ripped off by a woman. An assault on women’s health care by a woman. Such a shame! It is upsetting that some women on this day will be manipulated by the patriarchal system. I recommend we bring the power women who are in line with current day ideologies and not old-school-timers who have believed past their expiry date.

How do you feel on this topic?

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