Robert Pattinson could be your Next Batman! Yay or Nay?

Yes, you read it right the Twilight famed Robert Pattinson is being considered for playing the role of none other than beloved Batman for DC and Warner Bros.

As Ben Afflick announced that he was done being Batman, the role was up for grabs and someone had to be chosen for the role. Afflick also stepped down from the position of director, and Matt Reeves took the task of writing and directing the Batman movie which will be screened in June 2021. This gave Reeves an opportunity to cast an actor of his own choice as Bruce Wayne aka ‘Batman’ and his eyes are set on the sex symbol, heartthrob Robert Pattinson. Rumors are Nicholas Hoult, the recent star of “The Favourite” and “Tolkien” could be the second choice if Pattinson declines the role.

While the deal with Pattinson has not been sealed yet, it is certainly in the final negotiation phase, and he is officially the first choice for the director Reeves. If this deal is signed Pattison 33, will be the second-youngest actor to ever play Batman on the big screen after Christian Bale, who was 31 when “Batman Begins” premiered in 2005.

As much as Pattinson hates the Twilight it got him much exposure because they say no publicity is bad publicity. Ever since than Pattinson has built quite a career for himself in Hollywood. He has recently been busy on many other projects as four of his films ‘High Life’, ‘The Light House’, ‘The King’ and ‘Waiting for Barbarians’ will be screened by the end of this year. Considering the amount of work he is getting it is easy to tell he is already popular in both directors and film watchers, this could be a major reason behind Reeves’ choice who is set to make the movie a hit after two previous of DC movies ‘Superman vs Batman’ and ‘Justice League’ performed so bad on Big Screen.

Reeves will be directing this movie in collaboration with Dylan Clark. They both have worked together on ‘Planets of Apes’ which received plenty of praise from critics and film watchers.

Knowing that Robert Pattinson will be the Batman, what expectations do you have from the Batman movie? Would you rather see Nicholas Hoult as Batman? Please do let me know your thoughts on the topic in the comment section.

One thought on “Robert Pattinson could be your Next Batman! Yay or Nay?

  • May 17, 2019 at 7:45 pm

    I’ve given up with Batman and pretty much DC. I stopped watching DC films since The Dark Knight Rises – mainly because I could not get through the film without falling asleep!

    The more they recast for the role of Batman, the less enthusiastic I am. I have only seen Robert Pattinson in Harry Pitter, never seen any of the Twilight films.

    Nothing against Robert, I wish him well!


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