My Blog Nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award

I am beyond thrilled for receiving my first ever blog award nomination. I have been nominated by The Happiness Agreement for the Versatile Blogger award for the informative articles. Its lovely knowing that others enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy writing it but also find them informative and helpful. I would like to thank Brit, the beautiful lady behind the blog, and will also like to say that she has such a nice blog with a great positive vibe and zest for life.

The Versatile Blogger Award

The Versatile Blogger Award was created to show some love to fellow bloggers and celebrate blogs who have unique quality content, nice writing style, and good quality images or photographs. Award has only three rules:

  • Thank the person who has nominated you and share the link to their blog (as a courtesy)
  • Share 7 facts about yourself and
  • Nominate 15 blogs you love.

Seven Facts about Me

You would think picking up a whooping number of 15 quality blogs will be the hardest task but I had a real hard time picking up seven things about myself I was comfortable sharing with the world. I never realized before that I was such a private kind of person. However I have managed to gather seven facts about myself I feel can share with the world.

1.      King Solomon’s Mines by H Rider Haggard was first ever novel i read at the age of eleven. It was given to me by my school as a prize at a reading competition. I really enjoyed it, and Gogool become the first character I used as reference for the people I didn’t like, to be specific, an aunt of mine who was never a very pleasant person and I still refer her as The Gagool.

2.      I was a serious and dedicated Harry Potter fan all my teenage years and till my mid twenties. I had read all the books, own a lot of merchandises and once upon a time my now husband sent me a Harry Potter themed cake on my birthday to impress me. I have read the books at least a hundred times but I never enjoyed the movies and didn’t saw any movie after the fourth part at all.

3.      I have a great love for food but I can’t cook at all. If you do not count making omelet, tea or noodles as cooking I know nothing else. Should I learn to cook? Yes, Do I want to? No, Would I ever in future? May be!  It’s not like I cannot cook if I wish to, but I don’t want to. I respect everyone who can cook and feels like it’s an art or a therapy for them (I have friends who say such things) but it’s not for me. I feel take too much time and effort to cook something half decent and I can just order it online and have it delivered to me while I do other things which I like doing and are important to me, like writing this blog.

4.      I have three siblings, a sister and two brothers. My sister who is a year younger than me had been a great support for me all my life. We were not really close as kids but we were still there for each other and never let anyone so much so raise a finger at the each other. It was more like ‘only I can make fun of my sister’ kind of relationship. Both my brothers are younger than me (5 and 15 year younger than me) and I adored them (I have been known as a very protective and motherly sister). They have now grown up and I am really proud of them.

5.      I have a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology. This is a subject I don’t like to talk about because people start asking me questions like why you did not pursued a career in that field? Why don’t you blog about psychology? I have had enough of psychology for a life time during my masters’ degree! If you are not going to ask such question, I am still not comfortable talking about that period of my life because many professors I had in that time period were nothing less than Professor Snape. So yeah I have a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology, I enjoyed the subject but that’s it, end of discussion. I will not pursue a PhD in it, no matter how much my husband push me for it.

6.      I have a growth restricting condition, commonly known as dwarfism. Most common type of dwarfism is achondroplasia, but I don’t have that one. No I am nothing like Peter Dinklage, although I definitely had hots for him as a teenager (I am a foot shorter than him). I was lucky that as a child I had a very supportive family and did not got much bullied even outside the house (although many children with dwarfism and other type of disability get bullied a lot more than an average child). Yeah I was never into sports at school, was never even invited to play tag with other kids in the neighborhood. Thus I chose books as a company and I would say not a bad choice.

7.      I met my husband through FaceBook. I will be the first one to tell you not to trust a random person you meet on face book, but he was cute and I asked about him from some mutual friends. We both were very straight forward that we are looking for a potential life partner and nothing casual. First time I went to meet him in person, I was accompanied by a friend and we decided for a public place and it was more like a job interview than a date.


My Versatile Blog Nominees

I will like to nominate the following awesome bloggers for Versatile Blog Award:

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  15. Amber at Unequivocally Amber

Once again thank you so much Brit for nominating me and sharing the happiness you create at The Happiness Agreement.

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