Motivational May Series Lets Grow Together

Hello Friends,
This post is an introduction to my Motivational May Series. In this series, I am collaborating with many other awesome bloggers and together we will be creating motivational content around the goals of my fellow bloggers. These blog posts are aimed to create and share informative content around important topics that can help you work on your personal goals and stay motivated.

I am providing a schedule of Motivational May Series Posts

May 4thFinancial Independence: How to Get Rich Investing Smartly? – with Ray

May 7thGender Inequality and Rigid Gender Roles in Nigeria – with Blessing

May 10th – How to Grow Your Twitter Account and Gain Twitter Followers? with Writing Community Mum akaEmma Lombard

May 18th – How to Make your Blog Grow

May 21st– Nigerian Youth Fight against Child Marriage Practice

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