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How to Save Money and Retire Early? Gain Financial Freedom

If you are here to learn to save money so that you can retire early and gain financial independence you need to have a solid plan. You need to figure out that based on your current income sources and expenses how much you can save, and if you save that much in how many years you can retire? Not happy with the outcome? Here is what you can do to save more money to change the number of years you can retire in.


Financial Independence: How to Get Rich Investing Smartly?

Financial Independence means to have enough investments with steady monthly financial outputs that it covers all your monthly expenses at a minimum.


Why Dumbledore gave Time Turner to Hermione Granger?

hile Dumbledore did give Harry Potter and his precious friends a considerable amount of undue favors, this one stands out. Well, to possess the ability to mess around with time is no joke, and to hand over it to a 13-year-old Hermione Granger (no matter how brilliant) is bound to make some question Dumbledore’s sanity or motives, to say the least.