How being self-employed during my pregnancy saved me good insurance money

Health Care is crazy expensive in Canada, so much so that most people hold multiple insurance plans for family. EI has recently step up to help the self-employed people which are not 16 to 20 percent of the population. Lawyers, freelancers, real estate agents and alike, work under the label of self-employed and are not associated to one employer to pay for their insurance or health plan.

Disclaimer: This is by no means a promotional or paid content for any health insurance provider or health care services provider . It is totally based on my personal experience, other people ay disagree and have different experiences or recomendations.

A great number of Canadians put off visiting dental care facilities for the fear of bills for as long as they can. EI offers 15 weeks of special maternity benefits and 35 weeks of parental benefits to even self-employed. It does not covers dental, vision care, physiotherapy and much more a family might need. The catch is that any income while on special EI benefit, has to be reported and after results in an insane deductions! It’s totally not worth it for anyone self-employed.

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EI, Public Health Plans and Individual Health Insurance Plans

When I decided to have a baby, I could not have known the complications I would be facing during my pregnancy. By third month, nausea had the best of me and I was literally unable to commute to my office without splashing everyone I saw on my way. I decided to say good bye to my job and work as a freelancer from home! Although it was the best decision I ever made, I was perplexed about what I will do about my medical bills!

The Ontario Health Insurance Plan, or OHIP I had, works funny. Although it pays for abortion and C-section even, it does not cares about chiropractor visits or massages pregnant women so often want. Every week from the beginning of fourth month of pregnancy my right hip was killing me, I was unable to walk unless I had appointment with my chiropractor.

Pregnancy took a tool on my dental health (or all the sweet cravings I had) and a crown implant I had in my late teens came off! Ouch! It costed my dad an arm and a leg to pay for that crown to be placed the first time. There was no way I could have paid for it now out of my own pocket.

My Health Insurance

Bless the moment I bought myself a Manulife’s Flexcare Health and Dental insurance plan. It pays for dental care, registered massage therapists, chiropractors, and physiotherapists. Individual health plans also gives you a freedom of choice as per your needs. It also gives you the coverage for the life time and does not care if you switch employers, companies or career. Bonus! You can write off the insurance premiums you pay from your taxes!

I ended up saving around $2563 in total …

Final Word

I think it was really a smart choice for me to take on a suitable individual plan for health care. However every case is different and you really should measure your own pros and cons and should opt for a as customized health plan as you could.

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