Fisher-Price Newborn to Toddler Rocker review

This is an honest un-paid, non sponsored review of Fisher-Price Newborn to Toddler Rocker. I decided to write a review for it as it is one of the best things that happened to me as a first time mom. Bonus: ( Adorable Pictures of my baby in rocker in this article).


The seats have straps to secure which is great. But another amazing feature are the wedge shaped feet to prevent from baby accidentally tripping themselves off while rocking. It is not recommended to place the product on surfaces which are not hard for example beds and sofas. Its is also not recommended to let baby sleep in it. To avoid any hazards and accidents it Fisher-Price advice against using toy bar as a handle to carry when baby is in it.

Recliner and kick stand

You can set the recliner at two different position for resting and feeding time. It is not recommended to let baby sleep in it (but mine did, of course not for extended periods, babies do not sleep for extended periods). There is kick stand to for a stationary set position.

Removable toy bar

There is removable toy bar which is a great feature. Detachable clips are easy to use and durable. Baby starts enjoying the toys when he starts to grab objects and detect motion. Out of three toys one is musical and comes with cells, which have lasted for past six months. The toy bar can be removed if you want easier access to the baby or when your toddler wants to use it as a recliner. However toy bar is not to be recommended to be used as a handle.


Although the Fisher-Price rocker itself is very light weight its recommended maximum weight limit of baby it can tolerate is 40 pounds or 18 kg, which in my opinion very optimum as majority of toddlers do not exceed this weight limit.

Washable seat

Its seat is super easy to remove and you can easily machine wash it. Obviously it can get dirty with use over time and baby can cause mess sometimes accidentally poop or pee. So it is very convenient to clean

Battery function and timing

It says on the box that battery durability is 25 hours, which i never tested but feels like it must be true. For the first two months i changed 3 batteries and of course it included forgetting to turn the battery off and periods of not changing the battery when it has died for some days. Still its battery function was amazing, vibrations were soothing and my baby often fell asleep in it.


I have travelled (sometimes more than 300 kms) with my baby in it. Have shifted it in different rooms and my 4 years old niece has sneaked into it at occasions (she is a skinny kid though) but the Fisher-Price rocker has passed all the tests.

Price worth

Although i did got it for free (was a gift from my sister) but it’s totally worth each penny. It was around $46 when she bought it (before my baby was born) but now it is even cheaper, less than $40. Its grow with me feature, durable material, and easy maintenance increases its utility time and makes it worth the price.


Its available on Fisher-Price website, Amazon, walmart, Babies R US and and your local Target store.

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