60 Blog Post Ideas for June with Examples

Every blogger out there knows that the more you read the more inspirations you have to write. Reading also facilitates brainstorming; this helps you to come up with blog post ideas. However, if you are struggling to generate any blog post ideas for the month of June I am here to help.  I have already shared the list of blog post ideas for FebruaryMarchApril, and May and now it’s time for June.

June is considered as National Safety Month, Dairy Month, aquarium month, Gay Pride Month, Turkey Lover Month, and Rose Month. Financial Literacy Week ( 4 -8 June) is also a part of this month. Did you know that Morgan Freeman was born on 1st of June, Angelina Julie was born on 4th of June and Johnny Depp was born on 9th of June! Donald Trump, Venus Williams, George Mallory, and Mike Tyson were also born in this same month.

Now let’s jump straight into the blog post ideas you came here looking for.

1st June World Milk Day


Hashtags for the Day include: #worldmilkday #dairy #didyouknow

  1. Importance of Milk for growing children
  2. Dietary alternatives of Milk for Vegans and Lactose intolerant
  3. How to include milk in the diet of growing children
  4. Do grownups really need to drink milk?
  5. Quick and Easy recipes of milk-based delights

1st June Global Day of Parents                     


Hashtags for the Day include: # dayofParents #parenting #parentlife #parentinghacks

  1. Acknowledgment for my parents and all the parents
  2. Ideas to thank your parents of Global Day of Parents
  3. Ideas to spend time with your parents when they are old
  4. Things your parents did for you but probably you don’t know
  5. Etiquettes of co-parenting, Dos and not-to-dos
  6. Parenting your child in a mixed family
  7. Parenting hacks for parents of toddlers

3rd June – World Bicycle Day


Hashtags for the Day include: #worldbicycleday #mybicycle #paddle #roadtrip

  1. 10 Reasons to Ride Your Bicycle Daily
  2. How to teach your children to ride a Bicycle
  3. The First Bicycle – What things should be considered
  4. How and When Bicycle was invented?

5th June- World Environment Day


Hashtags for the Day include: #worldenvironmentday #savetheenvironment #loveenvironment #notoplastic #recycle

  1. Teaching children the Importance of Recycling
  2. Environment-Friendly activities for the classroom
  3. Understanding your environment and preserving it
  4. Environment-friendly alternatives to your daily plastic consumption
  5. How much damage an average adult is causing to the environment every day
  6. Cloth Diapers for my baby because we love our environment

8th June – World Ocean Day


Hashtags for the Day include: #WorldOceanDay #MarineLife #Ecosystem

  1. Activities to teach children about Marine animals and plants
  2. Marine ecosystem – Strange animals and plants you never saw
  3. Creating awareness about Marine life because it matters
  4. Water pollution and why it is time to take it seriously
  5. How endangered our marine life is right now?

14th June – World Blood Donor Day


Hashtags for the Day include: #WorldBloodDonorDay #SaveLife #BloodDonations

  1. How Blood Banks work, why you should register at one
  2. Why it is important to know blood groups of all your family members
  3. Is it possible or children to have different blood groups from their parents?
  4. How come my son has a blood group different from me and his mother?
  5. Starting early – Teaching blood groups and blood donation in class rooms

16th June – Father’s Day


Hashtags for the Day include: #HappyFathersDay #ThanksDad #ILoveMyDad #BestFatherInTheWorld

  1. Last Minutes Gift Ideas for Father Day
  2. Why you should buy your husband a ‘father’s day gift’ from your toddler.
  3. How to show appreciation and love to your father on Father’s Day
  4. Take time out for your family on this Father’s Day – Fun Family Activities
  5. How to help your child celebrate Father’s Day as a single mom/ lesbian couple
  6. How to celebrate Father’s Day if Dad lives miles away from you

20th June – World Refugee Day


Hashtags for the Day include: #WorldRefugeeDay #Refugee #HelpingOthers

  1. How welcoming Refugees is good for our country?
  2. How can you help Refugees as an individual?
  3.  How my country is celebrating World Refugee Day?

21st June – World Music Day


Hashtags for the Day include: #WorldMusicDay #ListeningMusic #MusicForLife

  1.  My Favorite Music artists of all the time
  2.  Top-earning music artists of 2019
  3.  Popular music in teens
  4. What does your taste in Music say about your personality
  5.  Is Music choice more about personality or Mood?
  6.  Pop culture and Music shaping the generations
  7.  Most relaxing Music tracks you should listen while your Yoga session

21st June – International Day of Yoga


Hashtags for the Day include: #InternationalDayOfYoga #instayoga #instameditation #instaspirituality #instayogalife #yogaday #yoga #meditation #spirituality

  1. Health Benefits of Yoga and Science behind it
  2. What age you should start practicing Yoga?
  3. Yoga positions for improving your skin
  4. How yoga can help you lose weight
  5. Food choices to complement your Yoga routine
  6. Can yoga help to breastfeeding mothers in increasing their supply

26th June – International Day against Drug Abuse


Hashtags for the Day include: #IDADA #WorldDrugDay, #saynotodrugs, #warondrugs

  1. Drug abuse and its damaging effects on your health and life
  2. 15 Celebrities who battled with drug abuse
  3. Famous people who destroyed their life due to drug abuse
  4. How to help a family member with a drug abuse problem
  5. Where to seek help and support as a family member of drug abuser
  6. Relatable Books that can help recovering addicts and provide hope and support

Popular Hashtags that are likely to be trending in the month of June are #summerholiday, #summervacation #SummerIsHere, #SummerVibes, #heatwave, #summer19, #summergoals, #beachday, #FestivalSeason, #summertime

As always, I am listing below other days celebrated in Month of June which you can be used as inspirations for the blog post ideas.

1st June – National Nail Polish Day, National Olive Day + National Hazelnut Cake Day

2nd June – National Rocky Road Day

3rd June –   Repeat Day

4th June – Hug your cat Day, Applesauce cake Day

5th June – Hot Air Balloon Day

6th June – National Yo-Yo Day, World War II D-Day

7th June –   National Chocolate Ice-cream Day, National Doughnut Day

8th June – World Brain Tumor Day, Best Friend Day

9th June – Donald Duck Day Day

10th June –Ball point pen day, Iced Teas Day

11th June –  National Corn on the Cob Day

12th June –  Red Rose Day, World Day Against Child Labour, National Peanut Butter Cookie Day

13th June – International Albinism Awareness Day, Sewing Machine Day

14th June –   Flag Day, Monkey around Day

15th June –   World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, Nature Photography Day, Smile Power Day, Global Wind Day

16th June – International Day of Family Remittances, Fresh Veggies Day

17th June – World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought, Eat Your Vegetables Day

18th June – Go Fishing Day, International Panic Day, International Picnic Day, International Sushi Day

19th June – International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict, National Kissing Day

20th June – Ice-cream Soda Day

21st June – World Hydrographic Day, Take a road trip day, take your dog to work day, National Selfie Day

22nd June – National Columnist Day, National Pink Day, National Chocolate Éclair Day

23rd June – International Olympic Day, United Nations Public Service Day, International Widows’ Day

24th June – Swim a Lap day

25th June – Day of the Seafarer, National Cat-fish day, Log Cabin Day

26th June – International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, Forgiveness Day

27th June – United Nations International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, Sunglasses Day

28th June – Insurance awareness day, International body piercing day

29th June – International Day of the Tropics, National Statistics Day, Hig Holiday, Waffle iron day

30th June – Meteor Day

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