5 easy and working tricks to help you lose weight

There is no easy way of losing weight. This task needs determination, consistency, and sacrifice. But it is important for your health and thus needs to be done. However, it can be made relatively easier by making smart choices. Be mindful of what you eat. Portion control is important. Also, keep in mind that you are not eating more calories than you are burning. The good news is you do not have to give up all the sweet cravings you just have to tone them down enough that they are not hurting your body by accumulating excess fat in your body. Here is how you can do all this in a fun easy way without feeling the need to kill yourself.

1. Keep a food journal

Write down whatever you eat throughout a day in a diary for a week and you will start losing weight automatically. The trick is to start getting aware of how much of what you are eating per day. If you are mindful of all the calories you are consuming you automatically start to cut them down subconsciously without any conscious effort. Thus you do not have to actually force yourself to eat less but you start getting the results. This is backed up by scientific studies.

2. Dance it away

If you are not into boring work out routines and going for run daily sounds too depressing to you, join a dance class. You can shake off many calories while you dance and it is so much fun. Signing up for a class will make you regular and will help you find new friends with common interests.

3. Replace your drinks with healthy ones

If you are into caffeinated or alcoholic drinks, gradually replace them with natural and healthy ones. The key is to do transition gradually. Say you drink 4 cups of instant coffee a day. A cup of instant, coffee is loaded with many more calories (192 to be exact) than say a cup of regular coffee or decaffeinated coffee (1 calorie). Even a cup of coffee with milk and sugar has just 30 calories per cup. So you switch your cups of instant coffee with regular coffee one by one. Similarly, you can go down on fat percentage in milk you consume in daily life. Try switching to fat-burning teas.

4. Introduce water-based appetizers before your meals

Add some sort of fruit salad or green salad as an appetizer before any meal. It will help you fill up before you actually start digging into your calories loaded meal. Chop cucumbers, and tomatoes. Opt for fresh vegetable soups. You will see the results within a week or 10 days.

5. Eat-in your own company

If you eat in front of a screen or with friends you are likely to eat more. You pay less attention to how much of what you are eating. Scientist suggests it’s better to eat in front of the mirror. Mirror stirs up self-consciousness in us and creates insight about our bodies.

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