4 Reasons You Should Stop Buying Toilet Paper Right Now!

Yes, you read it right! No toilet papers! Does that mean no wiping your butt after finishing your business on the toilet seat? Yup! Right again! Wouldn’t it be unhygienic and unhealthy? No, wrong this time. You really don’t need to be wiping your butt with a toilet paper. It’s not only unnecessary, but it’s also a ridiculous expense added in your monthly budget. Let me tell you why. And believe me, I have not one or two but four solid reasons to back up my point.

1. It’s costly!


Did you know an average person is using 80 toilet paper rolls per annum? Which means a family of four is easily using around 320 toilet rolls! Considering a wide range of quality and prices available, while average population uses 2 ply quality, this luxury (yes, not a necessity, that’s exactly my second point) goes up to as fancy as 6ply. There is still a wide price range in 2 ply toilet rolls and an average family of four could be spending somewhere from $83.00 to over $500.00 per year. That’s is good money you are literally wiping your butt with and flushing down the toilet.

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2. It’s a Luxury Item

Your government may or may not be taking it as a luxury item, but it is most definitely not a necessity. Why? Because 75% of the world population is not even using it! Yup! 3/4th of humans don’t even care for a toilet paper and instead use water. How? I will get to that too but first, answer why? There are four basic reasons.

  1. Not enough trees available – yes, costs a lot of trees to keep the toilet paper industry up and running but that will be my third reason.
  2. Can’t afford the luxury – think 3rd world countries and homeless on streets
  3. Don’t want to spend money on some fancy paper for cleaning butt
  4. Water is the universal solvent, the paper is not – Mostly Muslim communities believe they are not clean unless they wash with water

All these points make sense to me.

So, let’ now get to the alternatives used around the globe. I am aware of three following alternative ways employed around the globe:

1. A Bidet

It’s a tiny water spray fixed right under your toilet seat which directs water with pressure to wash your butt clean. Yes, it’s working well for a sizeable population of the world.

2. A Muslim Shower

This is apparently preferred version of bidets used by the Muslim population of the world (please correct me on this, I am not too sure about it though). So, it’s another water spray with a long pipe attached to it and the pipe allows for more flexibility and better access to different angles your butt for better cleaning.

Invest-in-a-Muslim-Shower-or-bidet-instead-of-toilet paper
Invest in a Muslim Shower or bidet instead of toilet paper

3. An Indian toilet pot (louta)

This is popularly used in India and some other 3rd world countries where the luxury of toilet paper is not affordable for most people.

All of these alternatives are reasonably small one time cost in contrast to the toilet paper you hold so dear. Please share with me if you know about any other alternatives. Now let’s move to the next reason to say goodbye to your toilet paper rolls.

3. Deforestation to Clean Your Butt


What were you thinking, where was all this toilet paper coming from? An average tree can be made into 200 rolls of toilet paper which means if you are a family of four, each year your family is responsible for cutting down 2 trees and wiping your butts with it.

Globally 83 million million toilet paper are produced each day and 27,000 trees are cut down for the very purpose. Even if you a sir fancy pants, and couldn’t care less about money it is costing you, the amount of deforestation at this disturbingly huge scale ought to bother you. If this huge number of trees being cut down just to clean your butt, when there are alternatives available is still not convincing you, let’s move on to the next reason.

4. Additional Waste Production

Assuming you care about the planet you live in and want to reduce the unnecessary waste production, it should have occurred to you how much waste production toilet paper industry is responsible for. It’s just not the toilet paper you are flushing down the toilet. All the chemicals and dyes and the plastic wrapping they come in the labels and boxes in which they are shipped to stores. Considering this a huge amount of waste production damaging our environment and echos

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