Tips and Tricks for getting a living place at Rent

While in past it was considered much smarter to own a house rather than renting the property, new generation differ in this trend. Now a day’s young people believe more in experiencing life than securing it. Thus this generation is spending more on traveling then on settling down. This lead to rise in renting of property trend. More people renting the property than buying or constructing it has caused a demand and supply imbalance thus an increase in rents of bigger cities. This makes the renting a house or apartment as competitive as applying for a job. In such difficult situations we are here to guide you towards pointers you should give attention to.

List down your needs

It’s better to write down things which are your priority for the house or apartment you will be looking to rent. The kind of area you would like, how far from work you are willing to live, the size of house, and number of rooms you will need. What kindof things you can compromise on? Think all those things thoroughly and list them down. This will make decision process much easier. For example one of my friends had a hip surgery and didn’t wanted to walk up staircase so she had specifically point that out to real estate consultant.

Set your pocket straight

It is rather obvious that the more you are willing to pay the better place you can find, however the question is how much you are willing to pay. Most people pay one third of their income in rent. This can cause financial problems. For smarter money handling it is recommended you should settle for a rent which is almost one sixth of your income.

Map it down

After you know what you are looking for try deciding where you need to look. Based on what kind of location you are interested in and how far you are willing to locate yourself draw a radius based circle on map. You will be surprised to know while to location can be of same distance from your work one place is cheaper than the other. You can also base your mapping solely on which areas of city offer cheaper rents. Whichever merit you use mapping is still very important. This will help you pin down the exact area in your city you need to look in.

The Hunt

You can look in newspaper, talk to friends, or get help from a real estate agent. If you are hiring a real estate agent make sure you discuss their commission before hand and communicate your need to them very clearly. Don’t be embarrassed to let them know if you are on a small budget. It’s their job to dig in whatever fits your pocket and needs. You will be paying them exactly for that. While hunting, make sure you visit the location in person and do not rely solely on what you are told.

Inspecting the location

Check the house thoroughly, from electric supplies, plumbing, heating system and ventilation to flooring and thickness of walls. Try to meet the owner in person. Ask them when the place was last maintained. You don’t want a house which hasn’t been looked after for ages. Talk to neighbors, they might be able to give you some history on the house and landlord. They will also be helpful in letting you know about the area and neighborhood better.

Establish rules with landlord

Once you have set your heart on a house or apartment, set a meeting with the landlord. Discuss rent and payment method with them. Let them know if you are planning to bring in any pets. Discuss who will be responsible for house maintenance while you live there. Set rules about frequency and timings of inspection visits from your landlord. Discuss lease or eviction notice policy which ever suits your condition. Only when you and landlord are on same page on all important issues make the final decision.

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