52 Blog Post Ideas for February with Examples

It is advisable to plan your blog posts a month earlier in advance, but if you haven’t yet figured out your blog post schedule yet and STILL looking for blog post ideas, you have landed at the right side of the internet.

Like every month February is also loaded with celebrated days affiliated with notable things, events, objects, and concepts. Majorly February is associated with Valentine days but there are other themes and days you can go with. Especially there are trending topics that are hot in the second month of every year and you can write about them.

Here I am listing 50 blog post ideas

World Nutella Day – 5th February


Hashtags to include: #NationalNutellaDay  #NutellaGo #NutellaLove #NutellaLover #NutellaPorn #NutellaAndGo #Chocolate #LoveChocolate #NutellaDay

  1. Nutella themed recipes
  2. Foods you can add Nutella to
  3. Why Nutella is a favourite
  4. How Nutella can be damaging to health
  5. 5Cute pictures of babies eating Nutella

National Periodic Table Day – 7th February


Hashtags for the day include: #NationalPeriodicTableDay #PeriodicTableDay
#Chemistry #Science

  1. History of Periodic Table
  2. Madam Curie
  3. Nobel Prizes credited to Periodic Table
  4. What’s so special about Inert Gases
  5. Is Periodic Table still growing

National Pizza Day – 9th February


Hashtags for the day incluce: #NationalPizzaDay #PizzaDay #NationalPizzaDay2018 #PIzzaGate #PizzaTime #NationalPizzaDay🍕

  1. Things you did not know about Pizza
  2. Best places to get Pizza near my area
  3. Most popular flavours of Pizza
  4. Things Mass Pizza Production companies don’t want you to know

Pancake Day – 13th February


Hashtags for the day: #PancakeDay #PancakeDay2018 #ShroveTuesday #MardisGras #MardisGras2018 #MardisGrasParty #FatTuesday #Carnival #MardisGrasParade

  1. 12. Pancake recipes your kids will love
  2. Easy pancake recipes
  3. Pancake recipe’s that are healthy and low calorie
  4. Places you can get best pancakes from
  5. Where pancakes came from
  6. Cookbooks with best pancake recipes

Valentines Day – 14th February


Hashtags for the day: #ValentinesDay #ValentinesDay2018 #Valentines #Love #GIfts #DateNight #ValentinesDayWeekend #ValentinesDate

  1. Gifts for her
  2. Gifts for him
  3. Romantic Places to hang out
  4. Books about love, romance and sex
  5. Signs he is a keeper
  6. How to spend valentine day if you are single?
  7. How different industry profit for Valentine Day
  8. Different traditions on Valentines Day IN different countries
  9. How to save money on Valentines Day?
  10. Planning a perfect Valentines Day

Chinese New Year (Year of the Dog) – 16th February


Hashtags for the day: #RAK #RandomActofKindnessDay #Payitforward #RandomActOfKindness 

  1. What celebrations are planed for Chinese new year
  2. Traditions about Chinese New year
  3. What dose ‘Year of the Dog’ means
  4. Things you did not knew about Chinese New Year

National Random Act of Kindness Day – 17th February


Hashtags for the day: #RAK #RandomActofKindnessDay #Payitforward #RandomActOfKindness 

  1. Six Random Acts of Kindness you should teach your children
  2. Ten random acts of kindness you should practice regularly
  3. This is how random act of kindness can change your life for better
  4. Five reasons to practice at least one random act of kindness everyday

Love Your Pet Day – 20th February


 Hashtags for the day: #LoveYourPetDay #LoveYourPetDay2018 #LoveYourPet #LoveYourPetEveryday

  1. Cutest Pet Pictures
  2. Why dogs are better pets than cat
  3. Why cats are better pet than cat
  4. What to gift your pet this year on Pet Day
  5. How having pets is exactly like being a parent to a toddler
  6. 15 Times having more than one pet was the worst idea

International Mother Language Day – 21st February


Hashtags for the day: #InternationalMotherLanguageDay #IMLD #InternationalMotherLanguageDay2018

  1. What your mother language tells about you
  2. This is how English Medium schools are destroying your mother language
  3. Six reasons second gen Americans are losing their mother language
  4. Six reasons to teach your children your mother language

National Margarita Day – 22nd February


Hashtags for the day: #NationalMargaritaDay #NationalMargDay #NationalMargaritaDay2018 #MargDay #nationalmargaritaday🍹

  1. National Margarita Day 2019 – When, Where and How
  2. Six Interesting Facts about National Margarita Day

History Events in February

  1. Ten historical events in February
  2. Six interesting facts about February you didn’t know

You can look for other blog post ideas by getting inspired by other popular and unpopular days celebrated. You can design blog posts about flowers and fruits associated with this month or blog posts about subjects not really relevant to the month. I am listing below some other days celebrated in this month for your inspiration.

1st February – National Freedom Day, National Dark Chocolate Day

2nd February –  World Wetlands Day, National Hedgehog day, National Tater Tot day

3rd February –   Super Bowl LIII Sunday, Doggy Date Night

4th February –  World Cancer Day

5th February –  Safer Internet Day, National Weather Person Day

6th February –  International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation

7th February –   Send a Card to a Friend Day

8th February –  National Boy Scouts Day, National Kite Flying Day

9th February –  National Toothache Day

10th February – National Deworming Day, 1st World Pulses Day, National Umbrella Day

11th February – World Day of the Sick, International Day of Women and Girls in Science Day, Inventors Day

12th February –   National Plum Pudding Day

13th February –  Mardis Gras / Shrove Tuesday, World Radio Day

14th February –   National Donor Day

15th February –  Singles Awareness Day

16th February –  National Almond Day

17th February –  Random Act of Kindness Day

18th February –  National Battery Day, Presidents Day

19th February –  Tug of War Day

20th February –  World Day of Social Justice, Love you pet Day

21st February –  International Mother Language Day

22nd February –  National Walking a Dog Day

23rd February –  National Dog Biscuit Day

24th February –  Central Excise Day (76th )

25th February –  National Calm Chowder Day

26th February –  National Pistachio Day

27th February –  World NGO Day, International Polar Bear Day

28th February –  National Science Day, Rare Disease Day

Hope you will benefit from this blog post of mine. I will be updating such blog posts every month, sharing blog posts ideas for the coming month.

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